April 27th, 2019

Rolling Stone India Interviews Zelo

ZELO: No More Misconceptions

The former B.A.P member gets candid about life after being in a boyband, the release of his first solo album in May and building his own brand: "When I was part of a boy group, I always had the thought that it was not going to last forever. So I was always kind of exploring on my own in order to fulfill these musical desires that I had. This desire continued to grow, and as it grew I continued to prepare for my eventual solo debut."

Before meeting Choi Junhong–best known by the mononym Zelo–I take a moment to walk down memory lane and re-watch one of my favorite music videos by his former group B.A.P. It’s their 2012 debut track “Warrior,” and all the six members are blonde, confident and embody the term ‘swag’ quite literally. Zelo (just 15 years old at the time) comes onscreen halfway through, spitting fire at a speed that most other idol rappers in the scene couldn’t really compete with.

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Brown Eyed Girls

Big Hit Staff Receives Criticism Over Alleged Sexual Harassment At BTS Fansign

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The bodyguard was a woman. She was holding my waist as soon as I reached the 2nd member, and was going to get my signature from Jimin and pushed me. You can't even talk with the members for a lot of time, so I was trying to hold it in, but she kept pushing me the whole time.
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BLACKPINK draw criticism for alleged cultural appropriation

BLACKPINK have come under fire recently for alleged cultural appropriation. In the newest episode of their "Blackpink Diaries" series, Jennie and Rose can be seen dancing and laughing at the set of the "Kill This Love" music video. Many fans have expressed their disappointment as they believe Jennie is making fun of the Indian dance "Bharatnatyam".

Watch the scene in question in the video below at 10:00.
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