May 4th, 2019


promiSINGER with Argon

promiSINGER is a show-mentary (variety show + mini-docu) starring the rookie idols of K-Pop. The program is the perfect opportunity to get to know a rising idol group better, as we document them in their natural element. As an added bonus, we have one-on-one interviews, games and challenges!

Is that a Deathly Hallows tattoo at 14:05?!?

Jiyoon heart

JEON JIYOON / JENYER releases first solo EP

Former 4Minute member and all-round badass Jeon Jiyoon has released her first solo EP: The Moment I Loved. It features single "Illusion" and 3 other tracks; "Analog", "Because I can not decide" and "Like the first time".

Accompanying the EP is the video for "Illusion", a very sultry video with lip syncing drag queens:

Collapse )

Sources: Jenyer Instagram / Jenyer Official Youtube

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