May 5th, 2019

sana blonde

Let's Rank Kpop Music Videos!!

A follow up to the Ranking Kpop Songs post - let's rank kpop music videos! I think we can agree MVs are a huge part of kpop and how we got into it so much. Plus it'll be interesting to see if your favorite kpop songs had amazing MVs to match - or you think your favorite song deserved a better music video.

Like in the previous post, Submit a general comment with the Kpop Artist (Soloist or Group) and then omona members can reply with their ranking. As long as it has a music video, anything can be ranked. You can also choose to explain your rankings, but if you want to just rank them in order and or do a top 5, that's perfectly fine too!

All I ask (which also went really well last time, thanks guys):
1. Double check before posting an artist to have ranked so there are no repeats
2. Be respectful, or at least chill about other people's rankings - you'll be alright even if your #1 is someone else's dead last :)

For this post, I'm including Dreamcatcher's "Chase Me" since it's a MV that left a very strong impression for me and is a certainly a reason why I'm a huge fan of them now :)

Video source: Happyface entertainment