May 11th, 2019

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EXID's Japanese contract will last till May 2020

EXID's contract with their Japanese agency expires in May 2020
This means Hani and Jeonghwa will continue to promote with EXID until then, even though they did not renew with Banana Culture

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I think Tokuma will work them hard in Japan, so the summer tour will definitely not be their last activity. Already, I think Exid's case is unprecedented (correct me if I'm wrong), so I really believe that down a couple of years, we will get an occasional 5xid activity or even release.

NC.A - Awesome Breeze MV (drama ver.)

NC.A has returned with her first solo album in two years.

On May 10, NC.A released her mini album “some-,” which has a total of five tracks including title track “Awesome Breeze.” The title track is a medium ballad track that composer PRIMEBOI helped write. The song has the message of wanting to be like a night breeze and give warmth and comfort to someone who is feeling worn out.

This is NC.A’s first album since appearing on KBS 2TV’s “The Unit” and promoting with the project group UNI.T. The music video is a dramatized story, featuring appearances by SF9’s Rowoon and The Ark and fellow UNI.T member Lee Suji.

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Idk what version these are supposd to be, it doesn't say. Just give us the song teasers already.