May 12th, 2019

nayeon tonight show

Stage K 'Exid' Episode - International Dancers Covering Exid Songs

In this latest episode, EXID is our featured Kpop group!

"Hot Pink" performed by Team: France

Under the cut are the rest of contestants featured in the episode, as well as who wins the chance to dance with Exid!

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Here is a trailer for the next kpop star to be covered. It's BOA!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!
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Main Source: All of the videos are from JTBC Entertainment channel found here
Individual sources: Hot Pink, I Love You, Ah Yeah, DDD, Up&Down 1, Up&Down 2, Voting Results, Winning Performance, Next Episode Trailer

Cherry Bullet "Love Adventure" album release schedule

source: cherry bullet

The Return of Superman Ep 276

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KBS with the early upload! Donggook takes Sian, Sua, and Seola out for the day to celebrate Childrens' Day. A prank at the toy store backfires, and well done Sian! They also have some AYCE bbq, and Sua is most impressive lol. Sam, William, and Ben go to the countryside to visit a cameraman uncle's hometown. The town is filled with grandparents who seem to love to feed the kids lol. As usual, Gunhoo spends the morning alone lol. Jooho takes the kids to the park, and then the pool for some water fun.

source: KBS WORLD TV 1 2
I love arm


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Source: GOT7 1 2 / doobseedoda

wow @ those tour benefits that are only in Seoul and for a few lucky people :-)

at least that fan acc sounds promising *eyes-emoji*
Aggretsuko - sad Retsuko

Celebrate Mother’s Day: 9 (4) Korean Songs About Moms

Where would we be without mothers? They are the backbones of every household. They’re the ones who kiss our wounds, pull us back on our feet, and also give us a few good-hearted smacks when we need to get our act together. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from – all mothers are the same. And you know you’re getting old when you realize just how much of your mother you are resembling!

Mother’s Day is here, and we want to celebrate! Here’s a list of nine [four, full list at source] K-pop songs that celebrate mothers and everything they do for us.

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Happy Mother's Day, Omona! How did you celebrate Mother's Day?