May 16th, 2019


BTS On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Besides performing on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert, BTS did a Beatles-inspired skit for the opening of the show and a short interview. Later, they performed "Boy With Luv", once again inspired by the iconic Beatles' appearance on the Ed Sullivan's Show.

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This was so cute and for someone like me who's both a BTS and The Beatles fan, this was the absolute highlight!

Cherry Bullet "Love Adventure" Cherry Scouts #7-8 teaser pics

Bora & Mirae

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Pentagon "Prism" North American tour ticket info

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U-KISS’s Agency Announces Departure Of Eli And Kiseop

Two members have parted ways with U-KISS and their agency.

On May 16, nhemg announced, “The exclusive contracts of U-KISS members Eli and Kiseop with nhemg have expired, and the exclusive contracts with the Japanese agency Avex have also expired. Eli and Kiseop, who have been promoting as U-KISS members for a long time, discussed with the agency for a long time and decided not to renew their contracts.”

The agency added, “Of the U-KISS members who have time remaining in their contracts, Soohyun and Hoon enlisted in the Army and Marine Corps, respectively, and are fulfilling their military duties, while the youngest Jun will continue promoting with solo activities and as an actor through musicals and dramas.”

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Davichi releases the cover image and another teaser for 'Unspoken Words'

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Still a bit salty that they're only releasing a single after they called it an album on their twitter.

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Welcome back! Taecyeon completes his military service

On May 16, Taecyeon was discharged from the military after completing his service as an active duty soldier and military instruction assistant at the recruit training center of the White Horse Unit in Gyeonggi Province.

As soon as he was discharged, Taecyeon stood in front of press to thank his fans for waiting for him and hinted at upcoming promotions as both a 2PM member and actor.

A source from Taecyeon’s agency 51K Entertainment stated, “[Taecyeon] has received many offers, but he has yet to accept one. Since it will be his first project since his military discharge and signing with a new agency, he would like to make his decision even more carefully.”

The agency also confirmed that Taeceyon has not set up a schedule for promotional activities. He plans to rest before officially making his return to the industry.

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CL In Talks To Host New JTBC Talk Show With Paris Hilton As Guest

On May 16, news outlet TV Report exclusively reported that CL will be hosting JTBC2’s upcoming talk show “CL Nine” (tentative title).

The outlet further stated that Paris Hilton, who is coming to Korea to promote her newly launched makeup brand on May 30, will appear on the show as a special guest.

Following reports of the upcoming talk show, a source from JTBC clarified that the show with CL as well as Paris Hilton’s guest appearance are currently in talks.

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Tiffany - Mi Young's Diary, Chapter 1: Lips On Lips

Mi Young’s Diary, Chapter 1: Lips On Lips, premiering on, is a half-hour documentary where she transports you into this often emotional, new chapter of her life and music. “It was really important for me to be open. It’s a way to frame my work in a way that I hadn’t done before,” she says. “The focus is to show who I want to become and who I’m becoming. I want to constantly grow and give back. And become a global pop diva as well,” she adds, laughing.

"Throughout my career as a Korean-American living between Korea and in the US, there have been times where I felt culturally misunderstood lost, and alone. The focus on self-love, unconditional love, acceptance, freedom of expression, and hope are a few of the uplifting themes the LGBTQ community have continuosly inspired me with."

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It sounds good you guys! I already love 끝 and Page omg Eclipse sounds like a completely different song again wth