May 21st, 2019


"Her Private Life" Ep 11-12 Discussion Post

Synopsis: Sung Duk Mi lives a double life as both a gallery curator and a fansite master for Si An, an idol group member. She’s a pro in both aspects of her life, and because of her fangirl dedication, Duk Mi has had to break up with several boyfriends, deciding instead to go all in for her fangirl activities instead of dating. Ryan is a new director at the gallery where Duk Mi works. Once a painter, Ryan was a sensation in the art world from his debut to his retirement, and is now seeing career success as a director. An individualist through and through, Ryan comes to find out about Duk Mi’s double life.
Cast: Kim Jae Wook, Park Min Young, Ahn Bo Hyun, One, Kim Bo Ra, Park Jin Joo
Director: Hong Jong Chan
Writer: Kim Hye Young, Kim Sung Yeon (web novel)
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: April 10 - May 30, 2019
Runtime: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:30

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Kang Ha Neul Confirmed for Romcom Drama!!!!!

Kang Ha Neul is gearing up to make his return to the industry!

Kang Ha Neul will be discharged from the military on May 23. After being discharged, Kang Ha Neul is set to make his return to the industry through KBS’s upcoming drama “When the Camellia Blooms”.

The drama is a romantic thriller comedy about the realistic and passionate love of three couples. The drama will follow the story of a woman named Dong Baek and how her life is tangled up with a good man, a bad man, and a cheap man.

Kang Ha Neul will play Yong Shik, a neighborhood policeman who is in love with Dong Baek. Gong Hyo Jin is currently in talks to play the role of Dong Baek, and Kim Ji Suk has also been offered a role in the drama. The drama will be written by Im Sang Choon, who previously created “Fight My Way,” and directed by Cha Young Hoon of “Are You Human, Too?” and “Uncontrollably Fond.”

Source: Soompi/Naver

I am so so so ready for romcom lead Kang Ha Neul, I've been waiting for this for so long. I hope the other two confirm, I love all three! He has just a few days left until he's discharged, I can't believe we've made it!!

Preview for "Angel's Last Mission: Love"

"Angel's Last Mission: Love" is a fantasy romance about Lee Yeon Seo, a ballerina who doesn’t believe in love (played by Shin Hye Sun), and Dan, an accident-prone angel who is tasked with becoming her Cupid (played by INFINITE’S L).

The show begins with an intense car crash that is witnessed by Dan. An injured Lee Yeon Seo catches his eye from the backseat, and she thinks, “I want to live. I wanted to die every day, but I want to live.” As her car plunges from the bridge, Dan jumps off to rescue her. However, this decision has consequences for Dan. He is told he will not be able to return to heaven until he completes a special mission — he must make Lee Yeon Seo fall in love with him within 100 days. This begins a series of mishaps between Dan and Lee Yeon Seo that are both hilarious and heart-fluttering.

We are also introduced to some mysterious characters, ambitious ballerina Geum Ni Na (played by Kim Bo Mi) and ballet director Ji Kang Woo (played by Lee Dong Gun), who vows to bring Lee Yeon Seo to his production after her accident. The drama is written by Choi Yoon Kyo (Lucky Romance) and directed by Lee Jung Sub (Healer, Queen for Seven Days).

"Angel's Last Mission: Love" premieres Wednesday, May 22 on KBS.

Sources: Viki Global TV | Soompi

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Confirmed for tvN Drama

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin have both confirmed for the drama “Crash Landing of Love” (tentative title) from writer Park Ji Eun, who penned “My Love From the Star” and “The Legend of the Blue Sea.”

The drama is about a wealthy heiress named Yoon Se Ri (played by Son Ye Jin), who, while paragliding, is forced to land in North Korea due to high winds. A North Korean officer named Ri Jung Hyuk (played by Hyun Bin) hides and protects her, and in doing so, comes to love her.

Joining the drama is director Lee Jung Hyo of “Good Wife,” “Life on Mars,” and “Romance Is a Bonus Book.”

“Crash Landing of Love” is set to air sometime in the second half of this year on tvN.

Source: Soompi/Newsen