June 2nd, 2019

Sana CFM

Lesbian and Bisexual K-Fans Choose Their Top 100 Favorite Female Idols

Happy Pride Month!! Lesbian and Bisexual Fans (K-fans from what I read) were polled about their favorite kpop idols, and they were able to vote multiple people. With 4,542 women participating in the poll and 18,776 votes in total, here's the list!

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To Celebrate the Top 15, Here's some fancams to enjoy :)
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Tweet to Original List: @kimnonsan
Transalted List: Posted by user: 'u/VariousPackage' in the r/kpop subreddit

Videos: smile -wA-, MBCertain, Spinel Cam, K-fancam, 훌라 ~.~, MooMoo Licious, 24 More, M2, KBSKpop, Moderato, M2, ?? MABE, Mintbox, Mintbox M2,
MBCertain, M2 am0819 bn, WNC Joy WNC Joy, M2 chuutendo, 팔도조선 KPOP, 벤뎅이.VENDENGE, Spinel Cam Mera, M2
??Mix, DaftTaengk, Cris Roffet

Female Idol Appreciation Post!!! Discuss what you thought of this list, and feel free to post pics/videos/gifs of your faves, whether they're on the list of not :)

2019 BTS FESTA Day 1: Family Portrait #1 (Opening Ceremony)

2019 BTS Festa has finally begun! BTS Official twitter has posted the first of many daily contents leading up the BTS Muster in June. Click on the link to see more photos on Facebook!

Source: BTS_official


"Her Private Life" Ep 15-16 (Final) Discussion Post

Synopsis: Sung Duk Mi lives a double life as both a gallery curator and a fansite master for Si An, an idol group member. She’s a pro in both aspects of her life, and because of her fangirl dedication, Duk Mi has had to break up with several boyfriends, deciding instead to go all in for her fangirl activities instead of dating. Ryan is a new director at the gallery where Duk Mi works. Once a painter, Ryan was a sensation in the art world from his debut to his retirement, and is now seeing career success as a director. An individualist through and through, Ryan comes to find out about Duk Mi’s double life.
Cast: Kim Jae Wook, Park Min Young, Ahn Bo Hyun, One, Kim Bo Ra, Park Jin Joo
Director: Hong Jong Chan
Writer: Kim Hye Young, Kim Sung Yeon (web novel)
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: April 10 - May 30, 2019
Runtime: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:30

Watch Here: Viki | OnDramaNice

Sources: AsianWiki | MyDramaList

Kim Go Eun and Woo Do Hwan join upcoming drama with Lee Min Ho

“The King: The Eternal Monarch” is a fantasy romance drama about two parallel universes. One universe resembles modern-day Korea as we know it, while the other is an alternate universe in which Korea is an empire ruled by a single monarch. In order to fight evil and close the door between their two worlds, the ruler of the Korean Empire ends up joining forces with a detective who resides in modern-day Korea.

Last month, the producers of the drama confirmed that Lee Min Ho would be starring as emperor Lee Gon, while Kim Go Eun would be playing both detective Jung Tae Eul in the Republic of Korea and the criminal Luna in the Empire of Korea. Woo Do Hwan will be playing the role of Jo Eun Seob, an ordinary public service worker who lives in modern-day Korea. He will also reportedly be playing Jo Young, the bodyguard of emperor Lee Gon.

The drama will be penned by Kim Eun Sook, the famous screenwriter behind hit dramas such as “Heirs,” “Descendants of the Sun,” “Goblin,” and “Mr. Sunshine.” “The King: The Eternal Monarch” is currently scheduled to begin filming in the second half of this year and to premiere in early 2020.

Sources: Soompi/Naver/Stoo

Wow, all three of these grown adults are actually playing grown adults in a Kim Eun Sook drama, shocking. I've never really enjoyed any of this writer's dramas and was going to ignore this but Woo Do Hwan pulled me back in.