June 8th, 2019


Jaejoong joins the panel of TV Chosun's variety show "The Taste of Love 2"

The reality program connects South Korea's representative single stars who've forgotten the taste of love with their chosen ideal type partners (non-celebrities afaik), and lets them experience dating for real for 100 days. Jaejoong had been invited to join the panel and he has accepted. He will be joining MCs Choi Hwajung and Park Narae. The cast (single stars) are Jang Woohyuk, Go Juwon, Oh Changseok, and Lee Hyungchul.

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NCT 127 Announce European Tour (Well ... Sorta ...)

NCT 127 have announced (... the organizer, in fact) that besides the two Russian stops, they're also going to hold concerts in London and Paris. The dates were announced a few days ago and the tickets already went on sale. As it stands right now, the seated tickets for the concerts are more or less sold out (there are 3 tickets or so available for the Paris date), while there are plenty still left for GA / standing section.

The London concert will be held on July 7th in the SSE Arena, Wembley, and the Paris concert will take place on July 10th in La Seine Musicale.

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This was announced four days ago or so and tickets already went on sale. I forgot to make a post about it but I did manage to snag a really really good (seated) ticket for Paris, so it seems like I will come back to Paris after a month, haha. I'm really damn lucky I saved up enough money because I was more or less anticipating this happening. But I'm super stoked to see them live, they're one of my favourite groups. Are any of you going as well?

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After weak start, 'Arthdal Chronicles' has mixed viewership prospects

Having underperformed given its star-studded cast and huge budget, the blockbuster fantasy series "Arthdal Chronicles" is the subject of mixed views on whether it can rebound in the second week of its run.

The new weekend drama aired by cable channel tvN is about people living in the ancient city of Arthdal in a mythical land called Arth and their power struggles for the throne of the first nation founded on the continent.

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Underrated Queens: #2 YESEO


Birth name: 예서
Born: 12/01/1995
Genre: electro (with a hint of R&B and pop), k-indie
Labels: None.She writes and produces all her music herself, she also takes care of mixing...
Facebook: @yeseoofficial
Soundcloud: yeseoofficial
Youtube: YESEO Official
Twitter: @yeseoofficial
Instagram: yeseoisone

She provides the perfect dreamy, yet punchy escape from reality with her cristallin voice.
Most of her songs are in english with  bit of korean sprinkled on top

You can listen to her on spotify or buy her albums on itunes (unkind is like 2,99 and totally worth it)

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[ENG SUB] Produce X 101 - Episode 6 Position Evaluation part 1

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My 1-2 vote will go to Yohan and Junho or Seungyeon and Dohyun. Loving the friendship between Yohan and Junho its like Jaehwan and Minhyun all over again! Also, Seungyeon is such a nice kid always encouraging his team and very talented so I'm happy to see his rank going up. Hyunbin and Hangyul finally getting some screen time they truly deserve but Midam continues to be ignored by MNET. And finally, Wonjin really looks like Pentagon Hui!