June 9th, 2019

Sandara Park Says She’s Only Dated Celebrities + Reveals Secret Dating Tactics

On the June 8 episode of MBN’s “Hoon Man Jung Eum” (literal title), Sandara Park appeared as a guest and spilled the tea on her dating history.

MC Kim Sung Joo asked, “Is it true that you’ve only dated celebrities in your lifetime?” and Sandara Park replied, “I debuted in the entertainment industry when I was 20 years old, and I only dated celebrities after that.”

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Sources: Naver via Soompi, GIF
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Stage K 'Exo' Episode - International Dancers Covering Exo Songs!

This episode the boy group featured is Exo!

"Monster" performed by Team: Thailand

Under the cut are the rest of contestants featured in the episode, as well as who wins the chance to dance with members of Exo!

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For next episode, there's the Semi Finals (apparently!) I'm a little confused because I don't see all the winners included (like my fave group who won representing for g.o.d...but I'll have to wait and see)

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Main Source: All of the videos are from JTBC Entertainment channel found here
Individual sources: Monster, Kokobop, Tempo, Call Me Baby, Growl 1, Growl 2, Voting Results, Winning Performance, Next Episode Preview

The Return of Superman Ep 280

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It's Seungjae's last day. Jiyong prepares a booth for him to give out advice, while we visit with old friends and memories. He was so young when he started! Sian wants glasses, and goes to great lengths to get them. I feel him. I've always wanted glasses, and I finally got some only because I'm getting older now lol. The optometrist was like "you barely need them, but I'm going to give you a prescription because you seem to want them so much" lol. William is in love with the new family pet. Ben...not so much. Naeun and Gunhoo go to the gym to release some energy. I think this is the third time the show calls out Gunhoo's cankles lol. Then they spend the day with some new friends.

source: KBS WORLD TV 1 2

Teaser for tvN's "Hotel Del Luna"

Jang Man-Wol (IU) is the CEO of Hotel del Luna. The hotel is situated in downtown in Seoul and has a very old appearance. She made a big error many years ago and, because of this, she has been stuck at Hotel del Luna. She is beautiful, but she is fickle, suspicious and greedy.

Koo Chan-Sung (Yeo Jin-Goo) worked as the youngest assistant manager ever at a multinational hotel corporation. He is a sincere perfectionist. He looks level-headed, but he actually has a soft disposition. Due to an unexpected case, he begins to work as a manager at Hotel del Luna. The hotel's clientele consists of ghosts.

source: tvN DRAMA & AsianWiki

"Parasite" likely to be remade into U.S. drama series

Following the previous globally acclaimed film "Snowpiercer," director Bong Joon-ho's latest, Cannes-winning "Parasite" is presumed to become his second flick to be dramatized in the United States.

Winning the top Palme d'Or prize at this year's Cannes Film Festival, the film was sold to film distributors in 192 foreign countries, becoming the most exported South Korean film title ever.

With its piercing depiction of economic class division universally appealing to international cinephiles, "Parasite" has reportedly drawn proposals for being remade outside of Korea.

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I knew about "Snowpiercer" being made into a show, but I didn't know they already had a network and actors cast for it. "Parasite" has drawn almost 7 million admissions since the film opened in Korea on May 30th.

source: Yonhap News

Kang Daniel establishes one man agency

Edit: July comeback not confirmed

source: balloon_wanted via naver

Super Junior Yesung to make a comeback with "Pink Magic"

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GOT7 Japan 4th Mini Album "LOVE LOOP" coming 19.07.31

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Damn I always forget they come out with a Japanese album right after their SK releases... do they ever rest (I like the sound of the song names tho)
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🌀 it's another GOT7 round-up 🌀

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- It's such bs that it takes this long for subs to come up to the vlive videos, what is JYPE doing, I can't add most of the recent stuff bc of it.

- JB looked hot af @ YSL Fashion show and we got a JB x Keanu Reeves pic!!

- I added some JB's instagram activity
(like new sadboys profile pic lol and new bio with the infinity symbol for JJP, the feels!!) as well as the little incident with Jackson bc I thought it was interesting. It shows again how fans need to understand that idols don't always understand the joking or that it goes too far. Or what do you guys think?