June 16th, 2019


JeA "Newself" tracklist

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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Shares Recent Struggles With Depression

On June 16, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon answered fan questions on Instagram Stories and opened up about her recent struggles with her mental health.

During the informal Q&A, Taeyeon answered questions frankly, responding with a simple “No” to questions like, “Are you doing well?”, “Did you watch soccer last night?”, and “Do you read YouTube comments?” In response to a question about how to get over a slump, she responded, “I’m not good at getting over it, so I just live in a slump.”

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First look at Sulli's "Goblin"

The 3 track single release will feature the title track "Goblin", along with "Sailor Moon" and "Dorothy".


The Return of Superman Ep 281

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We meet a new family today! It's Crayon Pop's Soyul, H.O.T's Moon Heejun, and their daughter Jam Jam. I still remember when the news of them being a couple came out, I can't believe how big their kid now. She seems like a very happy 2 year old. Naeun and Gunhoo are at the countryside, and Gunhoo goes on his first market errand. They also meet up with animals and have fun by the sea. William is way into zombies now. Sam gives him (and everyone in the neighborhood) makeovers.

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NCT Dream @ Andong KPOP Concert Fancams

Despite the rainy (and dangerous) conditions, NCT Dream performs and gives their 100% during the Andong KPOP Concert last June 15th, 2019.

The epic floor choreo in My First and Last? Yep, they performed it spectacularly on the wet stage without apprehensions and with a smile on their faces. These teenagers are such pros, and so fun to watch as always.

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There are lots of slipping and painful falls, but I felt that their efforts and professionalism should be appreciated that is why I decided to post about this.

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