June 26th, 2019


Global K-pop talent search to form global idol group 'TOO'

A global project to seek out talented performers to become members of a pre-named K-pop idol group "TOO" will premiere in September, Stone Music Entertainment and n.CH Entertainment jointly announced at a press conference held at the Stanford Hotel in Seoul, Wednesday.

TOO stands for "Ten Oriented Orchestra," and will consist of 10 males from Asian countries, aiming to integrate Eastern philosophy into Western music. The word "Oriented" is being repurposed to promote the meaning of "Orient."

"Currently, music in Korea is largely based on Western pop music. I have been devising a way for Asian people to bring out their own characteristics in the music scene," said Jung Chang-hwan, head producer of Stone Entertainment.

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Somewhat related, Z-Girls and Z-Boys are still really active on their YouTube, but I don't know if they perform much.

source: The Korea Times

Burning Sons news round-up (26/06/2019)

MBC's "Straight" reports new details about Yang Hyun Suk's involvement in prostitution mediation

MBC’s “Straight” has revealed additional allegations about the involvement of Yang Hyun Suk, PSY, and a YG Entertainment employee in mediating prostitution for wealthy Southeast Asian businessmen.

On June 24, the investigative journalism show aired a teaser titled “Investigating YG’s Prostitution Mediation Allegations Part Two” prior to its broadcast.

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Day6, FTISLAND, NFlying, The Rose + (former) The Eastlight drummers upload 1-minute collaboration

(a followup to this post)

Includes Dowoon (Day6), Jaehyun (N.Flying), Minhwan (FTISLAND), Lee Seokcheol (formerly The Eastlight), Hajoon (The Rose)

source: Dw_day6_drummer (can also be found on everyone's instagrams)
Irene monster

🌀 GOT7 @ The Today Show ft. "Eclipse" in English & BUILDseriesNYC 🌀


(the performace is @ 5:40)

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🌀BUILDseriesNYC interview (35min):
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The Today Show gave them a nice introduction, and short but sweet interview, the performance was [OP´s thoughts]clearly not one of their best imo, there was some sound issues but that English version was certainly a surprise!

Build show was def a little awkward at times (they could've benefitted from a translator than relying 90% on Mark doing that) but there were some cute moments! They talk about the theme of the album, their favorite title tracks, how Eclipse came to be etc. I do commend them for trying their best to speak in English even thru obv difficulties.
Also that one fan's message to them was just... perfect.

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