July 8th, 2019

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(Former) SBS anchor Kim Seong-joon busted for secretly filming woman's lower body on Seoul subway

(Former) SBS news anchor and now talk show host Kim Seong-joon busted for secretly filming woman's lower body on Seoul subway last week.

Police caught him red-handed. He denied it first, but when the police confronted him with the pictures found on his phone, he admitted them saying he is keen "on taking pictures and made a mistake while heavily drunk." He added he is "terribly sorry."

Has resigned, booked without detention.

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Hyeri apologizes for promoting sister's online shopping mall on 'Amazing Saturday'

On July 8, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri’s agency Creative Group ING posted an official statement responding to the recent controversy regarding the artist.

Hyeri is a cast member of tvN’s “Amazing Saturday,” and on the July 6 episode, she got a chance to have the camera film only her for getting the most lyrics correct for a mission song.

After the producers told her she could decide on a caption, Hyeri wrote down “Amaretto.” When the other cast members asked what that meant, Shin Dong Yup answered, “It’s the name of her younger sister’s online shopping mall.”

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Madam Jung Claims Yang Hyun Suk Was Directly Involved In Prostitution Mediation

Continuing their reports on the case of Yang Hyun Suk’s alleged prostitution mediation in 2014, MBC’s “Straight” revealed an interview with Madam Jung on July 8.

In the interview, Madam Jung claimed that the mediation of prostitution in Europe (Monaco) in 2014 was a request from YG Entertainment. She said, “On the way to Europe, I received a phone call from Yang Hyun Suk’s side. It was the first time I had ever been called by CEO Kim of YGX. CEO Kim couldn’t do anything that Yang Hyun Suk didn’t tell him to do.”

She continued, “Photos of 10 girls were sent to Yang Hyun Suk’s friend.” One week before leaving for Europe, the friend delivered 200 million won (approximately $170,000) in euros to her, money she heard had been provided by Jho Low. Moreover, the friend stayed on the trip as an interpreter. Madame Jung said, "I've never contacted Jho Low directly. I can't speak English."

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