July 14th, 2019


The Return of Superman Ep 285

Jam Jam

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Jam Jam plants a tree and then makes dinner with her father. Then they get a visit from SG Wannabe's Lee Jeokhoon and his son. William is about to turn 3 years old, and Sam wants to take advantage of the "children under 36 months are free" discounts while he can. They go out and do all the things free for kids under 3. Ben is such a toddler now! No longer a baby. And Sam is also looking slimmer. Nauen and Gunhoo have a last meal with Uncle Kwanghee before he leaves Switzerland. But soon they are joined by one of their father's former teammates, Koo Jacheol, who lives in Europe as well.

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[Eng Sub] My Dream Trip with BTOB Hyunsik and Peniel

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Plot: Ever dreamt of travelling with K-pop stars? What if the stars plan an amazing trip especially for you? We are going to make your DREAMS COME TRUE! tvN’s brand new original TV production, My Dream Trip is here to recruit tvN fans to travel with K-pop stars around the world! The K-stars will be responsible for planning the trip including all the activities and places to go, giving you an unforgettable trip of a lifetime!


You have two of the lesser crazies from BTOB but it's still wild and fun! If one of your faves is to plan a trip for you and be your travel buddy, who would you choose Omona?

Exploiting disadvantaged teens for sex to be punished by law

People who incite suicides and adults who have “consensual” sex with teenagers under the age of 16 will be punished under newly revised laws, the police said Sunday.

The Korean National Police Agency said it will strictly enforce violations of both laws -- on protecting juveniles from sexual abuse and preventing suicide. The amendments take effect Tuesday.

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Source: Korea Herald