July 21st, 2019


The Return of Superman Ep 286

Sian, Sua & Seola

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Sian, Sua, and Seola spend the day with their father "teamwork building" which means being mean to his kids. Rawoon is such a smart girl and very aware! Although I am weirded out that she's so young and could recognize alcohol already. Her little love triangle was so funny! Naeun and Gunhoo are back in Korea spending time with their father. They visit a park and then get their fill of Korean food. Ben is big enough to race with his big brother, and they have fun at the park. Then they have a meal and go swimming at a restaurant.

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Hyukoh Speaks Backstage about Love, Happiness, and the Global Music Market

Comprised of four 93ers—Hyuk Oh (lead singer), HyunJae Lim (guitar), DongGeon Im (bass), and InWoo Lee (drums)—HYUKOH has enjoyed a sweeping ascent since their debut in 2014. With piercings, tattoos, and his signature oversize gray suit, Oh defiantly bellows songs about the anxiety of youth. Their nonconformist aesthetic and their don’t-give-a-fuck attitude are an anomaly in the Korean mainstream media populated with cookie-cutter celebrities. TV producers find them endearing, although the boys do not understand their enthusiasm—nor could they care less, for that matter. In this social context, the ascension of an indie rock band like HYUKOH is an incredible and invigorating feat. But it also reveals an audience that is increasingly interested in musicians that they can relate to on a personal level. HYUKOH has become the face of the “Give Up Generation,” a self-ascribed term for Korean millennials that shines a light on the crushing effect of the country’s competitive job market, expensive education system, and institutionalized elitism.

Riding the success of their latest album 23, the band embarked on their first world tour this past year. When I caught up with them backstage at one of their last shows in Seoul, they seemed like typical, goofy 24-year-olds you would find in the streets of Hongdae, casually joking about Eminem and Kanye West. But their presence on stage, in front of thousands of fans, was anything but juvenile.

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source: ssense

NB: there are a bunch of pics that are saved in a format i can't reupload, so check out the linked article for that. i miss them :'[ i wish i had been quick enough to have gotten tickets for their uk show at oslo or had not been too broke to see them at citadel