July 22nd, 2019

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Indie girl group Camila disbands

Via Soompi:

"Girl group CAMILA has announced that they will be disbanding this month.
Three-member group CAMILA consists of members Han Cho Im, Jung Yoo Bin, and Jung Yoo Na. On July 22, leader Han Cho Im posted a photo of the group on Instagram along with the unfortunate news of their disbandment. [...]

CAMILA made their debut last year with “RED LIPs” and released “Take Me Home” this April. In particular, Han Cho Im was known for not only being the group’s leader but also an idol who participated in managing, styling, and marketing the group."

Source: Naver via Soompi

they were the first indie/self-managed idol group i ever heard of and i wanted so much more for them. what a shame.

Stocks held by K-pop agency owners plummet

The value of stocks owned by both former and current entertainment agency owners in South Korea have dropped nearly 30 percent compared to last year, data showed Sunday, as the industry struggles to cope with a slew of scandals as well as trade tensions between Korea and Japan, a key market.

According to conglomerate research firm Chaebul.com, the combined value of stocks held by seven most stock-rich entertainment agency owners fell 28.7 percent to 512 billion won ($435.5 million) as of Friday.

Former CEO and chief producer of YG Entertainment Yang Hyun-suk saw the steepest decline, with the value of his stock holdings dropping 41.1 percent to 93 billion won, from last year’s 158.5 billion won.

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source: Korea Herald, insert: Korea Herald, abcnews

i wonder when all this will come to a head

Upcoming girl group survival shows: Mnet's Queendom and tvN's V-1

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source: OH_mes2, soompi (naver)

no idea what queendom is even supposed to prove as these groups don't even have beef afaik and overlap happens all the time now because the market is so saturated.

[ENG SUB] Produce X 101 - Episode 12 "The Final 11"

Click on the image to watch on KSHOW123

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This season is not as stressful to me as season 2 hahaha The final 11 members is ok (picking from the final 20) but I'm willing to give up number 10 and the X position for Yuvin and Yunseong. My favorite part in this episode would be the messages from the final 20 to the eliminated trainees (I cried!) and seeing the coaches cheer so much when Hangyul and Seungyoun's names were called. Did your faves made it, Omona?