July 27th, 2019

Woozi laughing but not
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Police start investigating possible voting manipulation on Produce X 101 and more news!

What happened so far: posted here
- After Mnet first denied voting manipulation (suspicions rose up because of identical gaps between trainees' votes), fans started to gather and wanted to take legal action against the show.
- Mnet then admitted that there was an error in calculating the votes but ensured that it did not affect the final ranking.

- With the continued backlash, Mnet then released a new statement, saying that they did an internal investigation but couldn't verify the facts, so they would request for a 3rd party to investigate.

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If I was one of those eliminated trainees, I would grab this opportunity, backlash be damned. A great paycheck for 5 years and that much exposure? Also, i think fans would get over it quickly bc X1 haven't started promotions yet and they all know them from the show. What do you think of the recent developments?

Iconic TV show producer returns with show inspired by YouTube vlogs

Kim Tae-ho, the main producer of the weekend TV show "Infinite Challenge," returned to show business with a new Saturday TV show, a trendy reality program inspired by YouTube video blogs.

The new program, "How Do You Play?" whose first episode is set to be broadcast by MBC on Saturday evening, again employs high-profile TV personality Yoo Jae-suk as the main cast member, following the duo's successful collaboration in "Infinite Challenge."

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The other show sounds kind of like Shark Tank? But with crowdfunding instead of the millionaires.

source: Yonhap News
Woozi laughing but not
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Kim Jae Hwan fanmeeting in KL cancelled while fans were lining up outside because of missing permit

- Fanmeeting was scheduled for TODAY, when organizer suddenly announced the event is cancelled because of a missing concert permit.
- Fans are still waiting outside of the stadium.
- Kim Jaehwan is actually at the stadium and did his rehearsals before.
- Fanaccount says that the organiser just came out to say 1 sentence with a loudspeaker and that most of the fans outside were not even able to hear it clearly. They then let them outside guessing what was going on. After standing outside for over 1 hour, the announcement was finally made.

source: @MacpiePro, @defsoulrose, sunnysidewj