July 29th, 2019


(Update: Confirmed) Big Hit aquires Source Music, in discussion with another large agency


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Produce X 101's Lee Hyeop Joins Woollim Entertainment

Lee Hyeop competed on “Produce X 101” as an individual trainee and completed the program ranked No. 24. He will be joining trainees including Hwang Yun Seong, Joo Chang Uk, Kim Dong Yun, Kim Min Seo, and Moon Jun Ho at Woollim Entertainment.

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Good for him, I guess!
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Soyeon shares thoughts on T-ARA's 10th anniversary + currently working on a solo album


Soyeon thanked T-ARA and her fans for caring and loving her over the past decade on her SNS account at 10:10 a.m. on Monday to mark the 10th anniversary of the group's debut.

Since her debut on July 29, 2009, Soyeon has been loved by the public as T-ARA's main vocalist. This is the 10th anniversary of Soyeon's debut, but the meaning of the 10th anniversary of T-ARA's debut is much greater personally.

Soyeon said, "I wanted to celebrate this 10th anniversary with six members, but I'm sorry it didn't work out. However, I would like to be with six of us if we can get a chance to greet our fans again as T-ARA." She added, "I'm working on a solo album after 10 years of my debut. You'll be able to hear it soon. And I'm working hard to greet my fans and the public with good music."


I'm so extremely grateful, i have been with t-ara the full 10 years. Time passed so quickly and i have always continued to support them, even throughout hard times. Recently i'm listening a lot to T-ara's Don't Leave and i keep thinking how much i miss Soyeon's powerful voice. I'm so pleased with her announcement. I will always wait for OT6.
Omona, are you excited?
dont fuck with jisoo

Daesung allegedly received legal consulting for illegal activities in his building before purchase

A-ssi, who attended the legal consulting meeting, said in a phone call with Kukmin Ilbo, "Daesung visited a law firm on September 20th, 2017 to ask whether he'd be responsible should a building he's about to purchase be caught for illegal businesses." He bought the building two months later in November. "Before the purchase, Daesung worked with a real estate agent, a bank agent, and a law firm for consulting and asked about things like the legal implications of abetting prostitution. At the time, Daesung was aware of the illegal businesses and where they were operating in his building. He definitely knew that there was an illegal business in the building." A also remembered that Daesung had asked whether he'd be able to kick out an illegal business owner to which his legal team had responded that the building owner is not able to in a one-sided manner.

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