August 4th, 2019

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Japan-Korean relations slip to a new low as they find themselves in a lose-lose trade fight

Tokyo on Friday revoked South Korea’s preferential status as a trade partner for the purchase of dual-use materials vital to Korean industry. Most of the machinery and components South Korea uses for its auto and semiconductor production is believed to fall under this category. This drives bilateral relations to their lowest ebb in recent memory and raises questions over the grounds for the Japanese action.

Seoul-Tokyo relations have not been rosy since Prime Minister Shinzo Abe took power in 2012 – partly due to his support from Japan’s far-right, which itself utilizes anti-Korean sentiment. Since leftist Moon Jae-in took power in Seoul in 2017, the relationship has worsened further.

Last year, Moon struck down a “final and irreversible” agreement that was struck by his predecessor Park Geun-hye and Abe over “comfort women.” Last October, South Korea’s Supreme Court ruled that Japan’s steelmakers had to pay 100 million won (around $85,000) compensation each to four South Koreans who were victims of wartime forced labor. The ruling was seen as a direct challenge to the diplomatic understanding that all such claims were settled "completely and finally" under a 1965 treaty that established diplomatic relations between the two countries.

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I mixed two good articles that explain the rising tension (and boycotts) between Japan and South Korea since last October and alas give background on the latest foul reactions against Japanese K-pop idols as well as Korean celebrities promoting in Japan or even positively mentioning anything Japanese.

Upcoming August 2019 Dramas

Hello fellow Omona drama watchers! With a new month comes a new slate of dramas. Currently there are 9 dramas scheduled to begin airing in August:
I Wanna Hear Your Song (KBS) Aug 5
Seventeen-Year-Old's Condition (SBS) Aug 5
Welcome 2 Life (MBC) Aug 5
Be Melodramatic (JTBC) Aug 9
Hip Hop King (SBS) Aug 9
Graceful Family (MBN) Aug 21
Love Alarm (Netflix) Aug 22
The Great Show (tvN) Aug 26
Strangers From Hell (OCN) Aug 31

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What upcoming dramas are you looking forward to? I'm looking forward to Be Melodramatic, I'm hoping for an Age of Youth type of friendship drama. Strangers From Hell will probably scare me to death but it looks good and Love Alarm looks cute. What have you been watching in July?

Dispatch reports Kang Daniel & Twice's Jihyo are dating

Confirmed by JYP! "The two are meeting each other with good feelings"

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