August 7th, 2019


Red Velvet to Have an August Comeback

In response to the previous reports, SM Entertainment commented on August 7, “Red Velvet is scheduled to make a comeback with a new album in August. Please look forward to it.”

Source: Soompi 1 2, Naver

Oh, I thought it'd be a repackage album or something but ... a new album? Interesting.
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Dreamcatcher to perform in Brussels for the K-Community Festival.

Source: kcf_kofice

"Love Alarm" official trailer

If an app can tell you that someone likes you... what happens to good ol' romance?

Kim So-hyun, Song Kang, and Jung Ga-ram star in the highly anticipated drama adaptation of the popular webtoon LOVE ALARM by Chon Kye Young, about a world in which a mobile app rings every time someone who likes you comes within 10 meters. Friendships get tested, relationships bloom, and true feelings become the biggest question of all.

Catch Love Alarm on Netflix August 22

source: The Swoon
d.o. ☆call me baby comeback.

SF9 - Inseong Suffers Fractured Sternum, To Take Hiatus

Needs to take 3-4 weeks off. Will miss their concert this Saturday, KCON LA, and ISAC.

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source: @SF9Nation | @dawonmyheart

this year has been their busiest but also the one plagues with injuries and absences. good thing they have quite a few vocalists who can cover his main parts.