August 11th, 2019

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Kang Daniel’s Agency Clarifies Report About Him Moving Out Of His Home In UN Village

Kang Daniel’s agency has responded to the report on the singer moving out of his home in UN Village in the neighborhood of Hannam.

On August 11, Sports Chosun reported that a resident from the neighborhood shared, “Kang Daniel was moving out today (August 11) in the morning.” The news outlet further wrote that the move was most likely due to the pressure from the news of his relationship with TWICE’s Jihyo.

However, a source from Kang Daniel’s agency KONNECT Entertainment stated to Star News, “It is not true that Kang Daniel moved from UN Village [to another place] as reported today. Details regarding this pertain to his personal life and cannot be revealed.” They also stated to OSEN, “He is currently living [in UN Village].”

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Gambling film series "Tazza" comes back with poker

Popular gambling-themed film series "Tazza" is making its way back to the silver screen, this time with poker.

"Tazza: One-Eyed Jack," the third installment of the crime drama series, will deviate from the Korean card game Hwatu to focus on poker.

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Been waiting for this for a year! There are multiple men in the cast who I've crushed on at one time or another lol. Ryoo Seung-bum where have you been hiding, bb?

source: The Korea Times & Eon Talk

Meet the Cast of Love Alarm

Say hello to the cast of LOVE ALARM, the highly anticipated drama adaptation of the popular webtoon by Chon Kye Young, about a romance set in a world where an app tells you if someone nearby has a crush on you. Let Kim So-hyun, Song Kang, and Jung Ga-ram sweep you off your feet (and ring your Love Alarm! 😉)

Catch Love Alarm on Netflix August 22

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Let's Rejoice: BTS to Finally Take an Extended Personal Vacation

In the released notice BigHit stated that it will be the first time since their debut that the members will take an extended period of rest and relaxation. BigHit also asked fans to show consideration should they encounter them during their vacation.

Source: BigHitEnt

Thank god! Finally! Well deserved!
Woozi laughing but not
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Seventeen - HIT Promotion Roundup (Media Heavy)

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What else happened last week?
HIT Promotions wrapped up with Inkigayo. Jun and Minghao are good friends with C-actor Lin Yi and NCT Renjun recommended HIT on his radio show. Cheche, the Carat and Minghao stan from QCYN uploaded a video of him doing the fanchant lol. There were two popular posts about Seventeen this week, one about Mingyu's sweet behavior towards ITZY and one about Seventeen's shocking synchronization. Also, there are now two Seventeen Video Archives that have all Seventeen videos indexed for your enjoyment. Check them out: @seokminsgalaxy and @pledis17archive. Also...uhm...Seventeen looked really really really nice when they went to Music Bank. I can't find group pics rn, but everyone looked really good.

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