August 21st, 2019


BigHit News Roundup: Ticketing Lottery, Girl Group Auditions and BTS Universe Drama

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Oh no, lottery ... I mean it's more fair but I'm even more nervous for ticketing now that things will be out of my hands, hahhh ...
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ITZY Reveals Fun Group Names That Were Almost Selected For Their Debut

DJ Kim Tae Gyun commented, “The name ITZY is unique. What does it mean?” and Yeji responded, “It means that we have (itji) everything that everyone wants.” ITZY’s name is pronounced as “itji,” in Korean, which is a conjugation for the verb “to have” in Korean.

The radio DJs continued to ask about their name, saying, “Were there any other candidates [for your group name] besides ITZY?”

ITZY began laughing as they revealed that some of the potential names were ones with “girl crush” vibes like Purple Heart, Triggle (a combination of “trigger” and “giggle”), and Queendom. They added that Park Jin Young had decided on ITZY as their final group name.

Best Name?

Purple Heart

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Former “Produce 48” Contestant Han Cho Won Officially Signs Artist Contract With Cube Entertainment

On August 21, Cube Entertainment revealed, “We have signed an exclusive artist contract with Han Cho Won.”

According to SpoTV News, Han Cho Won, who had originally signed a trainee contract with Cube Entertainment, signed a contract in the first half of 2019 to join the agency as an artist. Unlike a trainee contract, an artist contract is a green light that indicates the person’s imminent debut.

In response to this, a source from Cube Entertainment stated, “We have yet to decide on specific plans in regards to Han Cho Won’s debut.”

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Jessica Files Appeal After Losing Lawsuit By Chinese Management Agencies

It was revealed that Jessica has been involved in a lawsuit with two Chinese management agencies.

In 2016, Jessica’s agency Coridel Capital Management (HK) Limited (hereforth Coridel) signed a contract granting two Chinese management agencies exclusive rights to manage Jessica’s Chinese entertainment activities until February 28, 2019.

The Chinese agencies filed a lawsuit against Jessica stating that she had not abided by the contract and requested that she return the money they had given her for exclusive authorization and pay a penalty for breach of contract, undivided profits, and more, amounting to a total over 2 billion won (approximately $1.6 million) to be paid by Jessica. On November 27, 2017, the Beijing Arbitration Commission ruled in favor of the Chinese companies.

Jessica’ side argued that she was not a direct contracting party and that the arbitration was invalid because she had not agreed to it in her letter of authorization. She later took the lawsuit to Korea, but the Seoul Central District Court made the same judgement as the Beijing Arbitration Commission, arguing that Jessica had issued the letter of authorization as the executer of the contract in practice, even though she was not a direct contracting party. After the Seoul High Court dismissed her appeal request on July 23, Jessica appealed once again to the Supreme Court and is currently awaiting the results.

source: @soompi, soompi, asiatoday

Posting this bc she took the lawsuit to Korea.
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SM accused of plagiarizing foreign designer Paris 99 for Red Velvet's comeback

Greatly appreciate so many of you bringing to my attention k-pop group @redvelvet.smtown wearing garments that take heavy “inspiration” from my work. No one on the team @smtown ever reached out to collaborate on designs, which I would have loved to participate in. The company also took from our imagery which we created with artist @ondine.vinao. It deeply hurts to see large groups, that could have helped out a small designer, instead take from our hard work and brand it as their own. Check out our story for me examples

SM Entertainment is under suspicion of plagiarizing Red Velvet's new concept outfits.

Many fans have left comments under the group's official Instagram @redvelvet.smtown asking for clarifications because according to the designer, SM's designs clearly plagiarized his work as evident from the checkered and wave patterns in the dress and straps. According to netizens, "Red Velvet's clothes also have a very similar vibe to those worn by Paris 99 models."

The controversial outfits were worn as part of the jacket photos for Red Velvet's new mini album 'The ReVe Festival 'Day 2' that was released on the 20th.

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Is this inspiration or plagiarism?
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Newlydivorced Diary: Ku Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun give more conflicting statements

Ku Hye Sun’s Legal Representative Releases Official Statement About Divorce

Summarized: Emphasizes again that they only "discussed" their divorce but never fully "agreed" to it. Has no desire to divorce. Says AJH - who was bored with their marriage - had frequent and intimate calls with other women while being drunk. Her mother had a psychological shock and her health got worse bc of this issue. Emphasizes again that articles about them mutually agreeing on the divorce are false. Also wants to terminate her exclusive contract bc she can't trust her agency anymore.

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Ahn Jae Hyun Speaks Up About Divorce With Ku Hye Sun + Reveals He Was Treated For Depression After Marriage

Summarized: Says that he didn't contact other women nor badmouthed KHS to their agency's CEO. Shares that they have been living apart (he moved out of their home) and agreed to get a divorce. KHS then trespassed into his apartment and went through his phone and made recordings while he was asleep. He also says that he paid her the whole divorce settlement money (she even included things like a daily charge for her share of the housework and the donation that she made to charity at the time of their marriage). Afterwards she demanded additional money, so he had to get a loan and sell his home. In addition, he's been on medication for depression for the last 1.5 years. Says that KHS planned to file for divorce in August.

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Ku Hye Sun Responds To Ahn Jae Hyun’s Message About Divorce

Summarized: Explains that they agreed on donating instead of holding a wedding and that she paid for it, so she was asking for half the amount back. Adds that the interior decorations for AJH's current home were also paid by her. Also shares that she did 100% of the homework and demanded&received ~ $25 a day in labor wages for the past three years and that that was not a divorce settlement amount. She became depressed after her dog died and while she was recovering, they fought a lot about him calling up women while drunk. Says that AJH got a separate apartment to focus on his acting, not because they separated, so she had the right to enter the apartment. He also told her that she had unsexy nipples. (wtf)

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NCT Dream Talks About Their Close Bond And Gratitude For Fans

NCT Dream took part in a photo shoot for fashion magazine Allure Korea!

The group took on concepts inspired by classic books like “The Secret Garden,” and “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” “Little Lord Fauntleroy.”

At an interview that followed, they shared, “Our fans really liked our recent album ‘We Boom.’ We’ve often been thinking that we have to work harder and return [the support we received].”

They also revealed the driving force behind their teamwork, saying, “All of the members get along very well, so it’s inevitable that we have a good team atmosphere and have fun while working.”

The full pictorial and interview are available on the September issue of Allure Korea.

Check out more photos below!

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APink Hayoung first mini album "OH!" listening post + press performances

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I love the mini! I think it's a really good mix of songs and she sounds excellent! (I mentioned in the last post but I could definitely do with a little less babylon on "how we do" haha).
chorong mentioned there was a toss up between two songs with different feels for the title track, so most likely "don't make me laugh" and "do you miss me?"
the apink members have been out in full support irl and on insta. eunji at her showcase, namjoo sent a long support text, naeun at her album jacket photoshoot, bomi and chorong at her MV filming (where chorong and hayoung cried lol)

sources: K-1TheMUSIC@youtube 1, TongTongTV 통통컬처@youtube 1 2