August 25th, 2019

NCT Dream

Happy 3rd Anniversary, NCT Dream!

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The young boys have grown up so much!! Can't believe they're still all teenagers but they have already blessed us with 3 years' worth flawless discography and performances. So proud of all that you have achieved so far, Dreamies.
Yo Dream! Let's be dope, Fighting! 쩔어 주자 화이팅!

If you want to, please share your:
Favorite Single
Favorite B-side
Favorite MV
Favorite Choreo
Favorite Mini Album

Mine is My First and Last (single), My Page/Dear Dream/Bye My First (b-sides), We Go Up (MV and choreo), We Boom (mini album)

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Heechul & his mom join "My Ugly Duckling" as fixed cast and how the first episode went

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and his mother made their first appearance on SBS’s “My Ugly Duckling”!

On the August 25 episode, Kim Heechul let out an awkward laugh as he introduced himself and his mother. He began, “This is my first time inviting my mom on a show after my debut. I’m getting nervous.”

He then asked his mom to brag about him, and she said, “He’s popular, has many fans, and I think I made him pretty handsome.” She jokingly added that there wasn’t much to compliment when it came to his personality.

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BoA celebrates 19th Debut Anniversary

BoA expressed her gratitude to fans on her 19th debut anniversary.

On August 25, BoA took to her personal Instagram account and shared a handwritten message that read, “Thanks for having me for 19 years! I will always strive to bring happiness to you all through my music! I appreciate you all so much. Thank you for always motivating me.”

In the photo, BoA is smiling brightly at the camera inside a plane.

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Police To Reportedly Question Yang Hyun Suk & Seungri This Week + Receives Assistance From U.S. Auth

Before: Yang Hyun Suk under travel ban

The Korean police have reportedly requested assistance from authorities from the government of the United States for the investigation into Yang Hyun Suk and Seungri’s gambling suspicions.

On August 25, No Cut News reported that the Korean National Police Agency made an official request to the United States Department of the Treasury to send over YG Entertainment USA’s (hereafter YG USA) bank account data. This is to check whether Yang Hyun Suk used YG USA’s funds for gambling in Las Vegas.

As previously described by JTBC’s “Spotlight,” YG USA is a small corporate body with annual sales of 20 million won (approximately $16,500). However, its subsidiary had annual sales of 2.2 billion won (approximately $1.8 million) and expenses of 2.3 billion won (approximately $1.9 million) with a starting capital of zero won, meaning that it is most likely a paper company (a company that exists solely for financial reasons and has no operations).

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Tiffany Describes What SNSD Members, Fans, And “Into The New World” Mean To Her

Tiffany described her past and current relationship with Girls’ Generation.

On August 5, the girl group celebrated their 12th debut anniversary together. After 10 years of group promotions, each member is currently focusing on their individual careers. Despite their busy personal and professional lives, Girls’ Generation gathered for Tiffany’s birthday in August as well as their debut anniversary.

In an interview with MK Sports, Tiffany smiled as she reminisced about her memories with the members.

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DAY6 Talks About How Park Jin Young Recently Became More Involved With The Group

(Full subbed episode)

According to DAY6, JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young recently became more involved with the group’s promotions!

The five-member band appeared as guests on the August 23 episode of KBS’s “We K-Pop,” where they dished on their recent comeback with “The Book of Us: Gravity.”

DAY6 explained that as JYP Entertainment’s first rock band, they typically see less of Park Jin Young than some of the agency’s other groups. However, they reported that things had been different for their latest comeback in July.

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Song Yu Vin & Kim So Hee Adress Leaked Kissing Picture

In the worst timing ever, one day before Song Yuvin and fellow MYTEEN member Kim Kook Heon made their unit debut, a photo of him and Produce 101's Kim So Hee kissing leaked online.

The pic sparked a lot of speculation on if they were dating and if a MYTEEN sasaeng or someone close to the two (or even a disgruntled MYTEEN member) leaked the pic.

Music Woks stated “While it’s true that Song Yu Vin and Kim So Hee briefly dated a year ago, after checking [with them], we learned that they have already broken up.”

The two were label mates at Music Works, before Kim So Hee's contract expired in July. Song Yu Vin previously appeared in Kim So Hee’s music video for her solo title track “Sobok Sobok” in 2017. The two singers also collaborated on a song for the OST of the 2016 drama “Bring It On, Ghost.”

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96-line Friendship: GFriend's Yerin sends food truck for Red Velvet's Joy and Apink's Hayoung

GFriend's Yerin surprised Apink’s Hayoung and Red Velvet’s Joy with a sweet show of support!

On August 24, both Hayoung and Joy took to their Instagram accounts to thank Yerin with a series of photos. Hayoung wrote on her post, “Yerin, thank you. From Soo Young [Joy’s real name], Hayoung.” Joy posted several photos to her Instagram story and thanked Yerin in the captions.

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190825 SBS Inkigayo

Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]
Jang Hyejin x Yun Minsoo (VIBE)

'Drunk On Love'


'To You My Light'



Album Sales (음반) 0 0 84
SNS 26 0 1536
Viewers Advance Votes (시청자전투표) 6 9 51
ON-AIR 286 0 286
Digital Sales (음원) 4374 5136 3948
Final Total 4692 5145 5905

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