September 5th, 2019

Kim Jong Kook Spotted Suffering Severe Body Discomfort at Recent “Running Man” Event

He was unable to sit or get up without the help of his fellow “Running Man” members.
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yeah that looks bad :( i hope he'll feel better soon, looks like all those years of working (out) too hard is catching up with him more and more these days
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f(x) Victoria and Luna leave SM Ent + Company shares update on Krystal

f(x)’s Victoria Announces Departure From SM Entertainment
On September 5, f(x)’s Victoria informed fans of her departure from SM Entertainment through a post on her Weibo account.

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SM Reveals Luna’s Contract Has Expired + Shares Update On Krystal In Statement About f(x)’s Future

On September 5, a source from SM Entertainment stated to OSEN, “We are discussing new ways to collaborate with Victoria. There is still time remaining in our contract with Krystal, and our contracts with Amber and Luna have expired.”

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Woozi laughing but not

IN2IT's Kim Sunghyun paints a bleak picture on the reality of nugu idols as he leaves the group

Earlier today, MMO Entertainment announced that Kim Sunghyun will be leaving IN2IT due to personal reasons. The statement was very standard:

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Soon later, Sunghyun made a statement on his IG regarding his departure from IN2IT and didn't hold anything back:

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"I am beginning to think that going on Boys24 and coming out of that harsh survival program to debut as IN2IT was a poisoned chalice for us."

I wish him and his family the best :-(

Monsta X tries nine things they've never done before

Monsta X tries nine things they've never done before, from competing in a game of limbo and teaching workouts, to singing "Who Do U Love" with lip masks on and giving a quick Korean language lesson. Who will prove most flexible and win at limbo? Will the guys like eating American sour candies? How do you say 'soap' in Korean?

I need the full video with them eating warheads lol

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Woozi laughing but not

Seventeen - 'An Ode' Official Group Photo (Truth Ver.) + Young Hollyw. Interview + Seungkwans hustle

jk, that's a fanedit (but it fits so much!), here are the real ones
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Comeback Trailer | Promotion Schedule | Poet Ver. | Hope Ver. | Truth Ver. (Single + Group)| Real Ver.

Dino's aegyo 'HIT HIT HIT Sound' \\dead
Also, Seungkwan bub is the best. From predebut to now, Seventeen didn't change, still proactively creating opportunities for themselves T.T I'm getting emotional, don't touch me