September 6th, 2019


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TXT post - Taehyun covers Nathan Sykes, V & J-Hope react to a 'Cat & Dog' stage

While the group is busy preparing for their first comeback Taehyun posted a cover of Nathan Sykes' song 'Over & Over' that he recorded as a Trainee & caught the attention of the original singer:

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And in the latest BTS Bomb V & Jhope react to a comeback stage featuring Cat & Dog:

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Sources: Tomorrow x Together youtube channel , Nathan Sykes' twitter , Jung Hyun Ran
Sana CFM

GQ Korea Interviews Twice’s Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung talks about:
- her many hair colors
- which member takes care of her the best (without showing off) [Spoiler (click to open)]Mina 😊
- wishes cellphones that weren’t smartphones made a comeback
- Taking a cooking class
- plays a game about which styles she prefers
- How she grew after the US tour

ahhhh I’m so glad this cool girl is getting some attention :) which era/performance was your favorite Chaeyoung look?
Source: GQ KOREA
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Jaejoong Turns Down Offer To Star In Korean Remake Of “Jane The Virgin”

On September 6, it was reported, “Kim Jaejoong was in talks to star in Channel A’s ‘Miss Mom Jane’ (literal title), but [plans] fell through due to scheduling problems when the production schedule was delayed.” Although “Miss Mom Jane” was originally set to air in the second half of this year, the show has been pushed back to early next year.

In response to the reports, C-JeS confirmed, “Kim Jaejoong will not be starring in ‘Miss Mom Jane’ due to schedule problems.”

“Miss Mom Jane” is a remake of the American comedy TV series “Jane the Virgin” which tells the story of 23-year-old virgin Jane who becomes pregnant after she is accidentally inseminated artificially by her gynecologist.

source: @soompi, soompi, naver 1 2
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DreamNote’s Agency Announces Hanbyeol And Habin’s Departure From Group

On September 6, iMe KOREA announced, “Habin and Hanbyeol will be wrapping up activities as DreamNote members due to personal reasons.”

Recently, Habin has been continuing her activities while practicing and resting due to her ankle injury. However, she continued to experience pain in her ankle while practicing choreography and participating in schedules, and it was determined that she could no longer continue her activities until she made a full recovery. After long discussions, it was decided she would leave DreamNote to concentrate on her recovery.

Meanwhile, Hanbyeol, who joined the entertainment industry at a young age, has been continuously sharing various thoughts with the company regarding her future. The company determined that Hanbyeol needed time with her family to think about her future in various directions rather than participate in activities in the entertainment industry. Therefore, the final decision was reached that Hanbyeol would conclude her activities with DreamNote and return to everyday life in order to take a break.

iMe KOREA shared, “We are sorry to announce such sad news to fans who have waited [for DreamNote]. Please show lots of encouragement and support for DreamNote’s future activities, as well as Habin’s and Hanbyeol’s futures as they get ready for a new start.”

source: @soompi soompi, naver
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A Preview for the upcoming historical drama with Woo Do Hwan, Seolhyun & Yang Se Jong is out!

(unsubbed, but summary of the clip can be found under the cut)

JTBC’s upcoming historical drama “My Country” (literal title) has unveiled a gripping new teaser! The drama premieres October 4th.

“My Country” takes place between the end of the Goryeo Dynasty and the beginning of the Joseon Dynasty and tells the story of the conflicts that arise due to people’s desire for power and protection. The drama stars Woo Do Hwan as military officer Nam Sun Ho, along with Yang Se Jong, AOA’s Seolhyun, and Jang Hyuk.

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source: JTBC Drama, soompi

JTBC, you better not forget what you said before "Han Hee Jae, an intelligent woman with impressive martial arts abilities".
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MLD Entertainment Denies Dating Rumors About Momoland's JooE

MLD Entertainment has denied rumors about MOMOLAND’s JooE being in a relationship.

On September 4, two photos were posted on an online community with the title, “JooE caught on a date.” The photos showed JooE in comfortable clothing walking arm in arm with an unidentified man. The photo quickly spread through social media.

Her agency has now responded to the rumors and denied them. On September 6, MLD Entertainment released the following statement.

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source: @soompi, pann.nate, soompi, naver 1 2
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Longguo Writes Post Addressing Controversy + Denies Some Claims And Apologizes

Longguo (Kim Yong Guk) has shared a post on Instagram to apologize to fans and respond to claims regarding his controversy.

Last November, Longguo became a subject of controversy over several matters including the treatment of his cat Rcy, posts on a private Instagram account, claims that he made misogynistic comments, dating rumors, and more. At the time, he addressed some of the matters in a post to his fans. (Past omona post)

Longguo made a comeback in August with a new mini album and the title track “Irresistable.” On September 5 shortly before midnight KST, he posted again on Instagram with more details about the controversy and addressed further matters. Read his post below:

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source: @soompi, hiimlongguo, soompi
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TWICE 2nd Japanese Album "TWICE" with lead single 'Fake & True' to be released Nov 20th

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US Remake Of “SKY Castle” Is Reportedly In The Works

On September 5 at the Asia Drama Conference, the mega-hit drama’s writer Yoo Hyun Mi reportedly shared that Warner Bros. is moving forward with a U.S. remake of the show. She said, “Excessive private education isn’t just an issue in Korea. While I was writing ‘SKY Castle,’ I thought that the story could be relatable in Asian countries such as Japan, China, Singapore, and India, as well as America and Europe.”

While a previous report by Yonhap News included details such as the working title "Tribeca" for the show and names of producers, this article has since been removed.

“SKY Castle” is a 2018-2019 JTBC drama that became a sensation, breaking ratings records and becoming a hot topic within Korea throughout its run. It is a black comedy with thriller elements about parents in rich families going to extreme lengths to get their children into South Korea’s most prestigious universities.

source: @soompi, soompi, naver 1 2

With Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman in starring roles
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MMO Responds To Kim Sunghyun's Post About Contract Dispute And Treatment From Agency

MMO Entertainment has now issued a statement in response to Kim Sunghyun’s post. The statement reads:

Hello. This is MMO Entertainment.

Firstly, we are sorry to the fans who must have been very surprised when they saw Kim Sunghyun’s post.

Ever since the moment it was confirmed that Kim Sunghyun would be going on ‘Produce X 101,’ he has requested the individual settlement of his accounts separate from the members, and starting immediately after his appearance on the show ended, he has requested to our company that he withdraw from IN2IT and his contract be terminated.

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source: soompi 2, naver

Yeah, that statement doesn't convince me. Also, under the KFTC standard form, it says that if artists want to end the agreement before their contract is up, they are required to pay their agencies a sum calculated from the average profits made from performances and music sales. Which for IN2IT can't be that much, especially since MMO is not organizing any gigs for them. I'm hoping he doesn't get into even more of a financial trouble because of his post...
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Ahn Jae Hyun Files Divorce Lawsuit Against Ku Hye Sun

On September 5, Ahn Jae Hyun’s legal representative, lawyer Bang Jung Hyun, released an official statement on the actor’s decision to file a divorce lawsuit against Ku Hye Sun.

Hello. This is actor Ahn Jae Hyun’s legal representative lawyer Bang Jung Hyun.

First, I am relaying Ahn Jae Hyun’s apology, “I apologize for causing an uproar due to our marital relationship, which is a personal matter.” We are taking a careful stance at this stage. We believe anything can sound like a unilateral claim from one side, so he will personally reveal his thoughts after the situation is settled.

Ahn Jae Hyun is in a state in which he can’t help but prepare to take legal action. When his marriage with Ku Hye Sun is practically in ruins, there’s a limit to proving what the truth is through social media. We concluded that it’s best to file a divorce lawsuit and have the court make the judgement through legal evidence. (This reflects Ahn Jae Hyun’s wishes to not file a criminal complaint against her at this stage.)

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source: @soompi, soompi, naver

Wow, Ahn Jae Hyun hired the lawyer who opened up JJY's molka-case.

Flashback Friday

Happy Friday! I had chilli dogs and chilli cheese fries for lunch today and somehow did not manage to spill anything on my white top. Got it all over my face though. Anyways! Every week I check out the past charts for this day and post the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, let’s go back to the 1st week of September, 2016. Hope you are in the mood to kickback tonight, Omona. All the songs are pretty mellow and chill this week. I remember absolutely nothing, maybe you remember more.

#3 Bolbbalgan4 “Galaxy”
This was a single off of their first album, and would also be the first of the duo’s many chart toppers. So totally chill and so totally going on my Sunday Morning playlist. A few months ago they used this as the single for their first promotions in Japan. They will be making a comeback in Korea next week.

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source: SUPER SOUND Bugs!, JAY PARK, 1theK 1 2 3 & mnet
puppy kiss

[GOT2DAY 2019] 20. Mark & Yugyeom

PENTAGON Hui & Hangzoo "Acceptance Speech" on The Call 2


The Call was created by South Korean television producer Lee Seon-young, who also created I Can See Your Voice, and focuses on getting Korean artists from various genres to collaborate in producing a new song.

This song is written and composed by Hui and Hangzoo. Last week, the song that Soyou performed on stage was also composed by Hui. I'm enjoying this show a lot! I haven't seen any site uploading the show with subs but tvN Asia airs the show (although a few weeks behind still...thank goodness!) and the performances are on MNETs YouTube channel. Soooo proud of Hui! His duet with LYN was well-received and he got some really nice comments from Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Feel, Han Dong Kyun and others.