September 7th, 2019


Upcoming September 2019 Dramas

The following dramas are currently scheduled to air in September:
Arthdal Chronicles 3 (tvN) Sept 7
Birthday Letter (KBS, drama special) Sept 11
Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency (JTBC) Sept 16
When the Camellia Blooms (KBS) Sept 18
The Running Mates: Human Rights (OCN) Sept 18
Secret Boutique (SBS) Sept 18
Pegasus Market (tvN) Sept 20
Vagabond (SBS) Sept 20
Miss Lee (tvN) Sept 25
Melting Me Softly (tvN) Sept 28
Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful (KBS) Sept 28
The Tale of Nokdu (KBS) Sept 30

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Anything standing out for you in the upcoming drama month? I gotta support my guy Kang Ha Neul in his first romcom role!!! I've been looking forward to this for 6 years. And I also love Gong Hyo Jin and Kim Ji Suk so a must watch! I love Seo Ji Hoon/Kim Min Jae/Gong Seungyeon and I love Flower Boy dramas, so we'll see if that will get me through my inability to finish sageuks. I really like the cast of Pegasus Market so I'll keep an ear out for reviews for that. I fully intend to watch Vagabond, Melting Me Softly and Nokdu for my cute chipmunk boy. One day I'll get around to finishing the first season of Arthdal!
We'll see if I actually end up watching a drama episode though, baseball has taken over my drama watching time and I haven't watched anything in months!

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Seventeen - 'An Ode' Official Group Photo (Real Ver.) + Album Preview

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What's your favorite version?

Begin (HIT)
The Poet

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Comeback Trailer | Promotion Schedule | Begin Ver. (Single 1 2 + Group) | Poet Ver. | Hope Ver. | Truth Ver. (Single + Group)| Real Ver.

Woozi is testing me.
ALSO HOLD ON...Hope Version has SUSPENDERS....this changes everything \\conflict
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Matilda’s Semmi And Dan-A Announce End Of Their Contracts & Pretty Much The End Of Matilda

Semmi and Dan-A of girl group Matilda have announced that they’ve ended their contracts with Box Media Entertainment.

September 7, the two members posted letters on Instagram announcing their departure from the agency and thanking fans for their love and support.

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SM Entertainment Plans To Launch Own Cryptocurrency

SM Entertainment has shared plans to develop their own blockchain platform with aims for it to become a win-win model for both the agency’s artists and their fans.

CT-AI Labs CEO Joo Sang Shik announced the plans at the 2019 Upbit Developers Conference that took place on September 4. CT-AI Labs works exclusively with SM Entertainment in developing new technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Joo Sang Shik stated that he could not reveal the specifics but shared that the company is currently in talks with sub-contractors that will help build the network and added that it will utilize concepts of both public and private blockchains in development.

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Police Reportedly Investigating “Idol School” For Suspicions Of Vote Manipulation

Mnet’s 2017 survival program “Idol School” is reportedly also being investigated by the police for suspicions of vote manipulation.

On September 6, it was reported by Sports Chosun that according to several sources from the entertainment industry, the police have officially begun to investigate Mnet’s “Idol School” for potential vote manipulation. According to the sources, the police called in for witness questioning several “Idol School” sources as well as the community of “Idol School” fans who raised suspicions of the show being manipulated.

On the same day, a fan community of “Idol School” filed a criminal complaint against Mnet and its employees for suspicions of being co-principals in committing fraud and co-principals in instigating the destruction of evidence.

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