September 20th, 2019


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LOONATV #525 - #533 + LOONA Tries IN-N-OUT

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Loona is coming back and so LoonaTV lives once more. I thought I'd do one of these once a week until we hit the drought again.
For those that don't know, LoonaTV is a daily mini series of one minute long videos of the girls behind the scenes. Now in glorious 60fps!

The interview was pretty funny and chill. It didn't seem like a 20 minute clip.

Sources: Loonatheworld, Hello82
d.o. ☆call me baby comeback.

EXO - CHEN 'Dear My Dear' Pre-Release Schedule

Source: @weareoneexo

🍂 9.23 - Teaser Image 1
🍂 9.24 - Teaser Image 2/Highlight Medley 1/Album Details
🍂 9.25 - Teaser Image 3
🍂 9.26 - Teaser Image 4/Highlight Medley 2
🍂 9.27 - Teaser Image 5/Music Video Teaser 1
🍂 9.28 - Teaser Image 6
🍂 9.29 - Teaser Image 7/Music Video Teaser 2
🍂 9.30 - Teaser Image 8
🍂 10.1 - Album Release/VLIVE
🍂 10.4 - Fan Event

Flashback Friday

It’s Friday and I am in need of an afternoon nap. Every week I check out the past charts for this day and share the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, we’re going back to the 3rd week in September, 2015. Some of the songs were posted before, so we’ll see some live stages.

#3 GFriend “Me Gustas Tu”
This is the single off of their “Flower Bud” EP, the follow up to their debut just a few months earlier. This song would bring the group tons of attention after a fancam of the girls on a very slippery stage went viral. Here’s their comeback stage on Inkigayo. I need all those baby pink skater dresses in my closet, I don’t care how old I am. I’ve forgotten how catchy that chorus is!

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sources: SBS KPOP PLAY, 4Minute Official YouTube Channel, MBCkpop, BIGBANG, Stone Music Entertainment & soompi