September 24th, 2019


in today's wtf news: AB6IX tease collab with Lizzo

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this came out of nowhere
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Taemin breaks in to Key's apartment

With SHINee’s Key currently serving in the military, Taemin decided to celebrate him in a very special way this year!

During an instalive later the same evening, Taemin explained that he had bought Key a cake for his birthday and decided to go to his apartment to celebrate together with his friends. Taemin also shared photos of the cake and also a video shot in what appears to be Key's closet.

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Sources: lm_____ltm (1, 2, 3), iheartshinee@YT

Prayer circle for Taemin when Key finds out.
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Everglow win their 1st music show with "Adios" on "The Show" (2nd place DC with 11-pt difference)

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Also next week, Everglow and Dreamcatcher will appear on Idol Room together (Preview)... awkward!
d.o. ☆call me baby comeback.

EXO - CHEN 'Dear My Dear' Album Details & Teasers

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🍂 Release Schedule
🍂 Teaser Images + Highlight Medley
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FINALLY! A new album from CL....... 's makeup artist

Source: Naver via Twitter: theseoulstory

For those not familiar, Pony is a famous makeup artist/YouTuber who's worked with CL over the past few years. Jokes aside, I'm interested to see what her music will be like.
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SEVENTEEN Becomes 3rd Korean Artist To Surpass 700,000 In 1st Week Album Sales

Seventeen has recorded an impressive achievement with their newest album!

The group released their album “An Ode” on September 16 and broke their previous first week sales record of 338,153 albums within three days.

After seven days of sales, “An Ode” sold a total of 700,863 copies, more than doubling their previous record. This makes it the album with the second highest first week sales in 2019 and the sixth highest overall.

SEVENTEEN is the third artist to record first week sales of 700,000 on Hanteo Chart, with BTS and EXO being the only other artists who have achieved this feat.

source: @pledis_17, soompi, hanteo
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SM Entertainment's Co-CEO Kim Young Min Talks About The Agency’s Plans For 2019 And 2020

- EXO, NCT and Red Velvet full albums in the rest of 2019 (TVXQ full album was edited out of an earlier version of the article)
- New boy group and new girl group in 2020

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source: soompi, hankyung

Feel free to also discuss that whole story with Lee Soo Man's company and the suspicious financial transactions. I think it was never posted on omona... (If you want a good write-down, check out asianjunkie's posts 1 2 3)

✨🖤 ATEEZ "All to Action" Concept Photos: Seonghwa & Hongjoong [+ a teaser for...something?] 🖤✨

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A Run-Down on the 'Sleepy vs. TS Entertainment' story so far

- Back in May, Sleepy reportedly filed a request to suspend his exclusive contract with TS Ent., his company of more than 10 years. He claimed that the agency never showed him documents regarding payments and also never showed him a physical copy of their contract. TS Ent. denied this.

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