October 2nd, 2019


Upcoming October 2019 Dramas

The following dramas are scheduled to air in October:
Extraordinary You (MBC) October 2
My Country (JTBC) October 4
The Lies Within (OCN) October 12
Leverage (TV Chosun) October 13
Catch the Ghost (tvN) October 21
VIP (SBS) October 28

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Only a few new dramas compared to last month, but I'm looking forward to most of these. Extraordinary You has a fun premise and looks cute (plus Rowoon, heart eyes). My Country has leads I love, we'll see if I can get into a sageuk. OCN always makes great shows and The Lies Within seems like it could be good. I've been waiting for a Leverage drama for years, I hope they do the original justice, I need more teasers to come out to see if the tone is right because the teaser I linked is way too serious. I have a serious love for Kim Sun Ho so I'm looking forward to Catch The Ghost. What are you interested in, Omona?

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d.o. ☆call me baby comeback.

NCT - NCT DREAM announce DREAM SHOW concert & tour

source: @NCTsmtown_DREAM

they've been doing their own shows for so long now glad they're getting an official concert and tour. hopefully this means graduation is on hold.