October 7th, 2019

Strangers From Hell ep 9 and Finale Discussion Post

Plot: This drama is based on webcomic of the same name by “김용키 / Kim Yong Ki” Yoon Jong Woo is a young guy in his 20s, who moved from the countryside to Seoul after his college friend, Jae Ho, offered him a job. While looking for a place to live, he stumbles upon Eden Gosiwon, a cheap apartment that shares the kitchen and bathroom with other residents. He is not thrilled about the quality of the place or the other abnormal residents, such as his next-door neighbor Seo Moon Jo, a charismatic dentist. Nevertheless, Jong Woo decides to put up with it for 6 months until he saves enough money to move out. However, mysterious events start occurring in the apartment, causing Jong Woo to start fearing the apartment's residents.

Cast: Im Shi Wan, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Jung Eun, Lee Hyun Wook, Park Jong Hwan, Lee Joong Ok, Ahn Eun Jin, Hyun Bong Shik, Kim Ji Eun, Song Wook Kyung, Cha Rae Hyung, Kim Han Jong, Oh Hye Won, Lee Suk, Heo Seon Haeng, Song Yoo Hyun
Director: Lee Chang-Hee
Writer: Kim Yong-Ki (webcomic)
Network: OCN
Episodes: 10
Release Date: August 31 - September 29, 2019
Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 22:20

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SOURCE: MUSIC&NEW 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Drama info from Asianwiki

What an ending! I remember a comment in one of the discussion posts that Jong Woo will kill everybody and write a book about it. Spot on! But...but...are we going to get a part 2?
snottie irl ♡ reve finale
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MONSTA X post FOLLOW tracklist 💙

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unlike with their american songs, most of the producers here have written, composed, etc for other mx projects! andreas oberg has co-written their title tracks, “dramarama” & “alligator.” then, “mirror” is one of the songs they've been performing at their concerts (so ofc it's on the album). “U R” is written by the same team that did “MOHAE” and 9F on track “see you again” works with jooheon a lot! if i find a more detailed producer breakdown i'll totally link it !!


BEG has an official Instagram now!


Red Velvet’s Joy Slammed with Hate Comments After Liking a Post Regarding a Feminist Novel

Red Velvet‘s Joy was recently faced with hate comments after liking a post made by Kwak Jeong Eun regarding “A Good Day To Be Alone”, which is a book about the sacrifices women make after marriage.

In the post, the author pointed out the unfair domestic division of labor, the break in the woman’s career portfolio after marriage, as well as the perception that women should be the ones to take care of domestic duties. The post had already accumulated over 2500 likes in just a month, but when it was revealed that Joy liked the post, netizens started criticizing the idol for “declaring feminism“.

The said netizens have been leaving comments such as “I don’t know why kids like this do this when they make money off of sex appeal” and “It wasn’t long ago since she stripped down and shook her a**“.

On the other hand, there are opposing comments expressing whether simply liking such a post can be perceived to mean one is in favor of or against feminism.

source: koreaboo, insight

mods pls accept this post despite the source, kb and akp are the only ones that have covered this topic (so far)

The Return of Superman Ep 297


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I think there’s a clip missing, it’s too short. Anyways, we’re getting ready to say goodbye to Sian and his family after 4 years on the show. But first, Sian and his father visit Jeju where Donggook bought a house for the family. William & Ben also go on a little trip. They visit a play village to learn how to be better brothers to each other. Then they search for food at their lodgings. Ben can really hold up a conversation now. Gunhoo is up early again this morning, and Naeun brings out the snacks when she wakes up. Jooho makes an interesting rice dish for breakfast. They go to a studio to take photos for Gunhoo’s ID. Then the whole family joins in.

source: KBS WORLD TV 1 2 3 4 5 6

[ENG SUB] X1 on We K-Pop plus Seoul Music Festival Performances

Turn on CC to watch with subs and X1 part starts at 26:10 mark of the video

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SOURCE: KBS World TV 1 | 2 The KPOP 1 | 2

Wooseok seems to be really comfortable at variety =) I really like the "That's OK" game part where they speak comfortably to each other. And...I am sooooo happy that our center is back! Finally, Yohan is able to dance again with the rest of X1 and I really hope all of them remains healthy.

BTOB's Hyunsik 1st Mini Album "RENDEZ-VOUS" Audio Snippet

Track List:
6. DEAR_LOVE (Inst.)

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SOURCE: Audio Snippet from BTOB Official | Translations from BTOBSTORY on Twitter

I already love this mini just by listening to the audio snippet and reading the description of how each song was written. Really proud of Hyunsik!