October 30th, 2019

Sam Kim
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Melon Music Awards 2019 Announces Nominees For Top 10 + Voting Begins

On October 30, Melon announced the 40 nominees that are in the running for this year’s Top 10.

Only artists who released music between December 1, 2018 and November 13, 2019 were eligible. The nominees include 29 artists chosen by weekly Melon Popularity Award results (selected by Melon weekly charts and votes) along with 11 artists who were additionally chosen by their Melon download and streaming counts.

The final Top 10 will be determined 80 percent based on Melon download and streaming counts and 20 percent based on votes.

Top 10 voting is open from October 30 through November 13 for Melon users with verified accounts.

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I'm surprised Red Velvet didn't make it into nominations! A lot of ballads, OSTs and foreign singers this year! These are only the nominees for TOP 10, category award nominations will be announced later.
cold Yoon Shi Yoon
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Starship Entertainment Denies Rumor About MONSTA X’s Wonho borrowing money from his friend

Starship Entertainment has made a statement regarding the rumor that MONSTA X’s Wonho borrowed money from his acquaintance Jung Da Eun and did not pay her back.

Jung Da Eun and Wonho co-starred on Comedy TV’s variety show “Ulzzang Shidae” (literal title) prior to Wonho’s debut with MONSTA X.

On October 29, Jung Da Eun posted on Instagram a photo of Wonho on TV and captioned it, “Ho Seok (Wonho’s real name), when are you going to pay me back?”

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Crush reportedly releasing an album next month

So that means that all the P Nation artists (minus PSY) will be out with new music next month

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