November 4th, 2019

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Oh My Girl's "Banana Allergy Monkey" becomes the #1 album in human history (due to a "glitch")

Source: Twitter: OH_mes2 via Hanteo (login required)

what do you think, omona... glitch, or a masterpiece getting its due?

My Country eps 9 & 10 Discussion Post

PLOT: Set during the end of the Goryeo period to the early Joseon period. Two friends aim their swords against one another due to differences in opinion about "my country."

Seo Hwi (Yang Se-Jong) is a warrior. His father Seo Geom is a famous commander. Seo Hwi does not compromise when it comes to injustice. His life devolves into a hellish existence, but he still holds a smile.

Nam Sun-Ho (Woo Do-Hwan) is smart and a talented figure. Because his mother was born into the lowest class, Nam Sun-Ho is looked down upon by other people. He wants to pass the military service examination. Due to a corruption scandal involving his father, Nam Sun-Ho loses his dream. Making things worse, he comes into conflict with Seo Hwi over a misunderstanding.

CAST: Yang Se Jong (as Seo Hwi), Woo Do Hwan (as Nam Sun Ho), Kim Seol Hyun (as Han Hee Jae), Jang Hyuk (as Lee Bang Won), Kim Young Chul, Ahn Nae Sang, Park Ye Jin, Ji Seung Hyun, In Gyo Jin, Jo Yi Hyun, Yoo Oh Sung, Jang Young Nam, Lee Yoo Joon, Kim Jae Young, Kim Seo Kyung, Lee Seung Chul, Hong Ji Yoon, Lee Hyun Kyun, Kim Dong Won, Kim Min Ho, Kim Dae Gon

Director: Kim Jin-Won
Writer: Chae Seung-Dae
Network: JTBC
Release Date: October 4, 2019
Runtime: Friday & Saturdays 23:00

SOURCE: Image and drama information from Asianwiki

You Can Watch on NetFlix | Dramacool

Everybody's acting is just so amazing in these two episodes! My heart breaks for Hwi but I feel so much for Sunho coz it seems like nobody loves him =( and Lee Bang Won is simply a force on screen. I don't know what to do about Hee Jae because what she wants to do is kinda the same with what Hwi wants but the direction she's going is different.
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Super Junior's Sungmin is going to release a solo album!

Following reports of Sungmin releasing his first solo album, Super Junior’s agency Label SJ confirmed the news.

A source from Label SJ said, “Sungmin is currently preparing his first solo album. The plan is to release it in mid-November and to release a physical album.”

Sungmin has not participated in group activities following his marriage in December 2014.

Earlier in June, Super Junior’s agency stated that while Sungmin would not be participating in team activities, he would be greeting fans through individual activities.

source @soompi, soompi, naver
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Starship Ent. To Take Legal Action Against People Spreading Manipulated Photos Of MONSTA X’s Shownu

On November 3, an individual on Twitter posted three photos online and claimed that they were of MONSTA X’s Shownu. In the photos, a man can be seen sleeping on a bed in his underwear, and one of the photos is more explicit than the others as he appears to be fully unclothed. The photos in question seem to have been taken in secret while the man was asleep, and they began spreading quickly on social media and online communities.

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source: @soompi, soompi 1 2, naver, @STARSHIPent

The Return of Superman Ep 301

Rawon & Raim

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It’s a big day for the RaRa sisters! Rawon gets her own bedroom, and Raim can stand on her own now. Well, with some help from her tummy lol. Jam Jam is speaking so much now. So loud and clearly, too. She has a busy morning then has a date night out with her dad. Gunhoo and Naeun are up early again, with Naeun taking good care of her brother. She also calls Uncle Kwanghee, and it’s so cute that they’re still close. Out of all the Uncles, Kwanghee was always the most hands on seemed to care the most. Then they go out for dinner, with a huge tabletop plate of pork. William and Ben visit a flower festival, and William tries not to lose a prize while Ben tries to make a friend. Then the family goes to the airport for an upcoming trip. Omg at Ben’s “Nana!” awwwww!

source: KBS WORLD TV 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
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SuperM & BOA (narration) - Korean Air Safety Video

Produced in the form of a K-pop music video, the safety video was first shown on the plane departing from Incheon, Korea to Manila, Philippines on November 5 at 7:45 a.m. KST.

SuperM’s project song “Let’s Go Everywhere” will be released on music sites on November 18. Created by hitmaker Kenzie, the track is a mixture of hip hop, R&B, electronic, deep house, and synth pop genres. Proceeds from the track will be donated to the “Global Citizen” campaign run by the Global Poverty Project, an organization that aims to raise awareness about poverty.

A source from Korean Air shared, “We tried to deviate from the stereotype that ‘safety’ is rigid and boring. We’re expecting to see the new music video format safety videos to ultimately maximize the safety level.”

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source: Korean Air, soompi, naver
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Kakao M involves police after they catch fans audio-livestreaming IU's concert

On November 3, IU’s agency, Kakao M, released a statement about actions taken against concertgoers during a concert at the Gwangju University Universiade Gymnasium the previous night.

"Hello. This is Kakao M.

These are the details regarding measures that were taken against [a concertgoer] who was kicked out of IU’s Gwangju concert on November 2.

This Gwangju concert was the starting point of a tour that was created through many worries and hard work during a time when the artist has been in an anxious and mentally unwell state, which also delayed her album release.

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source: soompi, naver, @soompi, @jieunlui, u/jeeeeek

IU :((((( I hope her fans at the concerts can give her healing and comfort....
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Korean Government might ban photos of celebrities on alcohol bottles

Korean liquor manufacturers may no longer be allowed to use photos of celebrities on their beverage packaging.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare said Monday it would come up with measures banning the images of celebrities on alcohol bottles to discourage the drinking culture.

The move follows Rep. Nam In-soon’s exhortation during a parliamentary audit of the ministry last month that featuring celebrities on alcohol beverages may induce more consumption, especially among teenagers, and should be outlawed.

“Alcohol and tobacco are both class-one carcinogens. But while nicotine marketing is strictly limited, regulations are much more lenient regarding alcohol beverages,” she said, referring to laws requiring tobacco products to carry health warnings.

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source: koreaherald, PicklesandHam
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Ex-Stray Kids Woojin reportedly on Open Chat in KakaoTalk addressing fans

"Hello. This is Woojin.

I want to sincerely thank the fans who sent support and love to me while I was Stray Kids "Woojin". Also, I want to sincerely apologise to the fans that were shocked and devastated by the sudden news.

I do not have any personal SNS (social media) so I wondered how I could share my message. I also needed time to adjust and heal. Although it is hard to explain how long I've been debating this, I believe the fans who have loved me until now will understand me.

Until I can stand in front of you guys, I will work hard as I think about good music and sincerity in songs! Even though it may take a while, please look after me and cheer me on.

I sincerely thank and love you all. From Woojin."

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source: aurachangbin, strawberryvar, seobingsu
yeo fuckin one

More previews of BTS' 2020 SEASON’S GREETINGS (picture post)

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source: BTS_official @ twt and BTS' official FB

Let's be honest, I only made this post so we can all collectively cry about how pretty Jungkook is. That last picture killed me. Also Jin's hair is tragic.
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GOT7 x Dispatch x Naver

LHJ_8705_복사 (1).jpg

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Click the naver/vlive channel links for full sized pics

Source: naver and vlive channel via peachpage_net thread, GOT7AMX thread 1 & 2, CRUSHonBAM thread 1 & 2, JacksonWGlobal thread, lingerinmeadow thread and JJtheNoonas thread

The pics are all in tweets but I had to put one of JB's pics outside the cuts because he's a STUNNER in these