November 5th, 2019

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MONSTA X wins 1st place on the show 💙#TIKITAKA1stWIN

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i'm so, so, so happy that they won today! the stage still feels empty without wonho on it but each stage has been better than the last & their winning traditions haven't changed without him, either (the hugs btwn them all, deep bows during the encore). i missed some of the members words but i'll post them as i find them~

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GOT7 Call My Name Showcase: "You Calling My Name" and "Crash & Burn" (ft. Thursday)

You Calling My Name:

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Omg the uniforms in Crash & Burn! I hope we get more music show stages with those.

I didn't watch the showcase but for some reason they've only officially uploaded two stages but by the looks of it Thursday was also perfomed? Someone who knows better correct me if I'm wrong.

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SM Town 2020 Season's Greetings

BoA invites you to preview the 2020 calendars!

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they are available for preorder online!
more previews at the source!
if you had ~$70 to drop on one, which would you get, omona?

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