November 8th, 2019


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Omona, have you ever asked the universe for a sign and then it appeared?


F*cking Finally: CL Confirmed To Leave YG Entertainment

CL has parted ways with YG Entertainment.

The agency released the following statement on November 8:

Hello. This is YG Entertainment.

Respecting each other’s opinions, we came to an agreement with CL to end her exclusive contract.

We express deep gratitude to the fans who have shown for CL, who shined with her activities as an artist of YG.

At YG, CL debuted with 2NE1 in 2009, and while promoting as a leader and rapper, she led trends in various areas including music and fashion. She also left a major mark in the history of K-pop when she became the first Korean solo female artist to chart in the Billboard Hot 100 on October 12, 2016.

We ask for lots of interest and support for CL’s new activities, and YG will also cheer her on with unchanging trust and affection. Thank you.

source: soompi, naver

Flashback Friday

Happy Friday! This week was exhausting for me, I hope yours was better. Every week I go through the past charts for this day and post the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, we’re going back 9 years to the 2nd week of November, 2010.

#3 Beast “Beautiful”

My favorite song from them. I still scream along to it. Legit forever screaming the “nothing better than you you you you you” part lol. This song would debut at the top spot, and others songs from the album would chart high as well. 2010 was a really good year for the group. Here’s their comeback stage at Music Core.

Collapse )

source: MBCkpop, mbcglobal, Stone Music Entertainment, SMTOWN, ARIRANG K-POP & bugs
bucket hat

GOT7 @ SBS PowerFm Choi Hwajung's Power Time Radio [191105]

Source: IGOT7 Subs / gif

[OP´s recap](starts @ 3:40)
- they talk about dieting right off the bat
- cringy introductions
- 8:35 "every morning I drink a chicken breast shake that Jongkook-hyung recommended" who is this man and how dare you share this info with Jackson
- who has blossomed the most visually since debut
- Youngjae lost 8 kg
- everyone fawning over Jinyoung's body during HIP (#mood)
- basically a lot of talk about their individual excercising/dieting methods up until 14:00 when JB cut them off abruptly
- after that it's album talk
- Jinyoung trying tp speak and the host ignores him and he gets embarrassed
- 20:00 JB talks about working with JYP to write their song
- they decided their 1st place encore thingy
- in OP's totally unbiased opinion Jinyoung is quite cute and animated thru-out this whole thing
- even when they're overseas they have to stay near a Korean restaurant
- 33:50 Jinyoung's spot-on impression of Jackson when he gets angry at the members for not inviting him to eat with them
- 38:07 whose name does GOT7 call the most in the day
- Jackson can't multitask lol
- they talk about what they bought while touring overseas
- Bambam bought a souvenir gun(?) in Madrid that got confiscated at the Korean airport
- JB likes stationery
- Mark introduces Now Or Never as a song they did with "some American DJ" and the rest are appalled at him calling Jonas Blue like that lol
- Bambam really loves saying skrrt skrrt
- 44:50 Jinyoung's primary school teacer sends in a message to the show about Jinyoung during his school days
- Jackson is asked about how it was to work with a designer brand
- 51:20 OP really feels this comment

JB looking extra snacky in this, I'll give him that

Also question: what do you guys think of this womans' hosting style? Just curious...