November 24th, 2019


CL opens Youtube Channel

Since YG is a petty a-hole, CL opened her own Youtube channel (I believe her old one was re-opened but who cares)
Now that all the girls are free (almost) maybe they'll release a reunion album, featuring the tracks: 'You played yourself', 'Look who's sorry now', and 'BURN!!!!'

source: CL, @krungy21
sana black hair

We Love You, Goo Hara: Keeping Her Memory Alive

I've been looking up a lot of content with Hara today. I'd like to share some videos and from her career that made me happy, if that's ok.

Please share any special memory you have Hara or anything related to hers that you really enjoy! I'd love to see it, I really would.

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I strongly suggest checking out her thread on that has tons of more videos, photos, etc (Wish I found this before just going through youtube, I found it towards the end).

Goo Hara. Thank you for everything. You mean so much to me.

I'll never forget you.

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The Boyz go viral for almost missing their flight

The Boyz have gone viral on twitter and among knetz after a video of them running to make their flight was released by Newsen.Their flight was departing at 19:00 and their van pulled up at 18:50 hence the urgency.

source: sangyeonify