November 30th, 2019


Taeyeon Shoots Back, After Yet Another Uses Girls' Generation's Name for Clout

After a contestant on MBN’s “Voice Queen” mentioned Girls’ Generation on the show’s latest episode, Taeyeon took to Instagram to share her feelings.

On the November 28 episode of the singing competition, contestant Hong Min Ji introduced herself as “a former SM Entertainment trainee from about 17 years ago who almost became a member of Girls’ Generation.”

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sources: Soompi via Naver, @SonexStella

I can't find credible articles on her background, but it seems that she was with SM 17 years ago? (I've never heard about her being part of the lineup before previously) Comments are a mess with people focusing on Taeyeon's usage of 8 versus 9 though also.

omona, who are your memorable "almost didn't make it" SNSD members?

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