December 5th, 2019

Yamamoto Takeshi, KHR

8 people indicted for manipulating votes and lineup of all seasons of Produce 101

Eight people have been indicted in connection with the controversy surrounding vote manipulation in the “Produce 101” series.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office stated on December 3 that producing director Ahn Joon Young and chief producer Kim Yong Bum have been indicted with physical detention for suspicions of obstruction of business and fraud. A show producer known as “A” and five others including entertainment agency staff members have been indicted without physical detention for suspicions such as breach of trust through bribery and violations of the Improper Solicitation and Graft Act.

According to the prosecution, they are under suspicion of manipulating the results of the paid votes received from viewers during the live broadcasts of all four seasons of “Produce 101” in favor of certain contestants.

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All things we were already suspecting. Jonghyun, Kaeun and Jinhyuk were most likely rigged out.

But the wording makes no sense: they say they manipulated the ranking of Produce X cause they saw that in the halfway results of the pre-finale online voting, there were trainees who had already debuted idols in the Top 11 ranking and they didn't want that. But, there are 4 debuted idols in X1. Lol

8 people is better than what I expected tbh, I thought they would arrest the PD as a scapegoat and call it a day.


"Train to Busan" sequel aims for summer 2020


The distributor of “Peninsula,” the sequel to the hit film “Train to Busan,” has responded to reports that they have decided on an exact premiere date.

On December 3, reports were made in French media that, “Director Yeon Sang Ho’s ‘Peninsula’ is set to premiere in August 2020. Specifically, the date is August 12, 2020.”

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source: soompi via naver
bucket hat

☆ GOT7 @ MAMA 2019 (meme7 strikes again) ☆

[2019 MAMA] GOT7_INTRO + ECLIPSE(2019 MAMA ver.) + You Calling My Name + Crash&Burn

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Ok so thanks MAMA for deleting their performance on both naver and youtube and not re-uploading until a day later.
On the another hand, GOT7 manages to somehow top their goofiness to another level this time. Guess you gotta pass the time somehow in these shows lol?

What is Jinyoung reacting to? Check the post to find out~