December 6th, 2019


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How is your Holiday Season so far, Omona?


Why No One Can Keep Up With Mr Eric Nam

How an ambitious young man from Atlanta became one of Korea’s most loved celebrities. (Hint: it wasn’t easy)

Mr Eric Nam is what you might call a frequent flyer. Indeed, it feels like we might need to invent a new term for the Korean-American singer, songwriter, TV host and businessman, because he seems to be everywhere, all the time. His MR PORTER shoot took place in Seoul, a city where he is known and loved as perhaps the most Western-leaning of K-pop’s current crop of stars. When we interview him a week later over the phone, he’s in Los Angeles, rattling off his 2019 itinerary.

“In June, we did a 12-date tour in Europe,” he says. “And then every month since August, I’ve been in the States twice a month. And then in the middle, I’ve been in Uganda, doing a fundraising charity show, then in Budapest to interview Will Smith.” It sounds gruelling, but Mr Nam is defiantly upbeat about it all, even when he comes to his concluding thought. “I’ve spent more time in an airplane than anywhere else,” he says, a tinge of amusement creeping into his voice. The implication being, well, shucks, what can you do about it?

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A few more pics at the source

source: Mr Porter

Flashback Friday

Making this quick because it’s cold and rainy out and that’s an excuse to go home early and crawl into bed. Every week I check the charts for this day in the past and post the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, we’re going back 8 years to the 1st week of December, 2011. I started a new batch of posts a few days ago, and I hope you are ready for all the Christmas and winter ballads, Omona. Because we’re starting this week lol.

#3 T-ara “Cry Cry”
This was the group’s follow up to their big breakout “Roly Poly”, and would go to the top of the charts. There are a few music videos for this song, and this time let’s check out the ballad version. I don’t remember this version at all.

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source: 1theK, SBS KPOP PLAY 1 2, KBS WORLD TV, woolliment & naver

SUGA's Interlude released

You can also listen to the song on Spotify and Apple Music.

Source: Halsey on Youtube Halsey on Spotify</i>

SUGA's Interlude is a track off of Halsey's "Manic" album set to come out on January 17th. Apparently, the drawings are Ashley and Yoongi because they're performing as Ashley and Yoongi and not as Halsey and SUGA. Also the line "Even if the dawn before sunrise is darker than anything, never forget that the stars you longed for only rise in the dark" absolutely kills me.