January 1st, 2020

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(UPDATE: CONFIRMED) Twice Momo and Super Junior Heechul are dating

UPDATE: Both SM and JYPE confirmed the news! Con...grats, I guess.

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sources: @oh_mes, marketnews, @theseoulstory

JYPE announces legal action after Nayeon's stalker made it on their plane

JYP Entertainment has issued a statement regarding an incident with TWICE member Nayeon after she was approached by a stalker in Japan. In the statement, the company reveals that Nayeon is currently under police protection after the stalker attempted to approach her while she was boarding a plane in Japan. Although she wasn’t physically harmed, understandably Nayeon was quite frightened by the incident.

JYP stressed that they would be pursuing charges to the fullest extent of the law for the incident, both against the stalker and against those responsible for obtaining and selling TWICE’s flight information.

The full statement reads as follows:
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sources: soompi, fans.jpye.com
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11 Times Female Artists Taught Us Confidence In 2019

As the clock ticked over to 00:00 January 1st in South Korea, music streamers everywhere chose their first few songs of the year on purpose to reflect their hopes and ambitions for the year ahead. These songs included recent hit 'As You Wish' by WJSN, wishes for wealth with 'Lotto' by EXO, and the expertly titled 'Song That Makes You Succeed Just By Listening' by Norazo. Included in that number was 2NE1's iconic hit 'I Am The Best', for those wishing to enter the new decade with confidence. I wanted to take this opportunity to look back on 2019 and shine a light on other female artists who can sing us into 2020 with confidence in our step.

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Hope you enjoyed my write up! If you'd like to listen to all these tracks on the go I made a little youtube playlist for you. I hope the 20's are good to you!

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