January 8th, 2020

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JYP Entertainment Files For Restraining Order + Presses Charges Against TWICE’s Nayeon’s Stalker

JYP Entertainment has taken legal action against a man who has been stalking TWICE’s Nayeon.

The agency released the following statement on January 8:


This is JYP Entertainment.

On [January] 8, we filed criminal charges to the Seoul Gangnam Police Station against the stalker of TWICE member Nayeon for Interference with Business (Criminal Act Article 314).

Furthermore, we also filed for a restraining order to the Seoul Central District Court on [January] 7.

Previously, the stalker who attempted to approach Nayeon continuously was warned under police order several times already to not approach her. However, the stalker continuously took actions that ignored [the warnings], and he boarded the plane on [January] 1 on the flight back after carrying out activities abroad, attempted to approach Nayeon again, and caused a major disturbance on board.

Along with the measures mentioned above, we will continue to take all possible strict measures to ensure the safety of our artist."

Sources: Soompi, naver
Minho dibi


🐰 Jinki(Onew) - Corporal: 2019.10.01 / Sergeant: 2020.04.01 / Discharge: 2020.07.20
🔑 Kibum(Key) - Corporal: 2020.01.01 / Sergeant: 2020.07.01 / Discharge: 2020.10.07
🔥 Minho - Corporal: 2020.02.01 /Sergeant: 2020.08.01 / Discharge: 2020.11.15

source 고양이범 𝔻-𝟚𝟟𝟚 ↓@mcspicekey on Twitter, though I saw this on Tumblr originally.

I haven't seen anyone else post about this yet so I'm hoping I did it right...
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CL for Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

One of our favorite things to do at UD is read the comments, so your REAL reviews of Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray seriously give us life. They’re proof that legends never fade. South Korean singer-songwriter and UD Citizen CL tries to read real reviews of All Nighter with a straight face.

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She was named a Global UD Citizen last year. Makeup post?

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Woozi laughing but not
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At Least 10 Celebrities Reportedly Have Their Cell Phones Hacked And Are Being Blackmailed

On January 8, Dispatch reported that at least 10 celebrities have been hacked including Joo Jin Mo, two other actors, an idol, a director, and a famous chef. (Joo Jin Mo’s agency previously announced on January 7 that legal action will be taken for the actor’s phone being hacked.)

Dispatch stated, “A hacker who refers to him or herself as ‘Black Hacker’ hacked the cell phones of famous figures including celebrities through their cloud storage, stole their personal text messages, photos, and videos, and is threatening them by asking for money from 50 million won (approximately $42,600) up to more than 1 billion won (approximately $852,000).”

Joo Jin Mo was threatened with text messages, while another actor was threatened with photos and texts. The idol and chef were threatened with photos, videos, and texts. When Joo Jin Mo did not pay, the hacker emailed text messages he exchanged with another actor to hundreds of media outlets.

The idol is reported to have paid the hacker after being blackmailed.

source: @soompi, soompi, naver 1 2

LOONA’s Haseul Halts Activities Due To Health Concerns

LOONA's Haseul is going to be stepping back from activities.

In a statement released on January 8, LOONA's agency Blockberry Creative announced that Haseul would be sitting out of upcoming scheduled activities for health reasons.
The full statement from Blockberry Creative reads as follows:

Hello, this is Blockberry Creative.
We have an announcement to make regarding the health of LOONA member Haseul.

Haseul recently went to the hospital to receive treatment for symptoms of anxiety. There she was diagnosed with recurring anxiety, and her doctor recommended that she receive treatment to make a full recovery.

Though Haseul wants to continue greeting her fans as promised at their fan meeting last month, it has been decided that for the sake of her focusing on her mental health that she will take a temporary hiatus from promotions and other scheduled activities.

Haseul will be spending time with her family and her group members and focus her strength on recovering. Until such time, she will not be promoting the new album #.

We sincerely apologize to all of the fans who love LOONA for the sudden news. The remaining 11 members of LOONA will continue promotions as scheduled.

We will release a statement when we have an update from Haseul's doctor on her condition.

We ask for the fans' understading and to keep Haseul in their thoughts.

Thank you.

Source: Soompi via Naver