January 9th, 2020

Yamamoto Takeshi, KHR

X1's Disbandment decided in 10 minutes. Already recorded track won't be released as goodbye gift

Dispatch has shared new details about “Produce X 101” project group X1’s recent disbandment.

On January 9, Dispatch reported that it had obtained information about the voting process that led to X1’s disbandment earlier this week. According to the report, representatives of the X1 members’ agencies met at the CJ ENM Center in Seoul on January 6 at 4 p.m. KST in order to come to a decision on the future of the group.

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Sources: Naver, Soompi.

So, not only did the agencies refuse to release a goodbye song, but they didn't even allow the members to record a farewell video. Nobody is surprised that they wouldn't give a single shit about the boys' wishes, but they could have at least given them some closure instead of that abrupt ending.

All their hardword and achievements down the drain in the matter of 10 minutes. These companies remain shameless to the bitter end.

Momoland's ex-member Daisy faces agency legal action

K-pop girl group Momoland's agency MLD Entertainment said Tuesday it is taking legal action against former member Daisy for falsely accusing it of manipulating the member selection process.

The dispute between the singer and the agency erupted when rapper Daisy claimed the group's survival show "Finding Momoland" was fraudulent. The show aired on Mnet in 2016 and featured the agency's 10 trainees who competed to make their debut as Momoland. The finalists were selected on the basis of viewers' votes.

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The article says refers to her an as ex-member, was she officially removed from the group? I don't remember.

source: The Korea Times
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Another Arrest Warrant Requested For Seungri - 7 New Charges

source: Naver via @OH_mes2

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