January 10th, 2020


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Well, that was quite a week, huh?

PENTAGON Kino raises awareness for the Australian fires


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SOURCE: PENTAGON on Instagram | Translation from Soompi

It's Kino's birthday on the 27th and some of his fans are already actively making campaigns to donate to the institutions who can help out with what's happening in Australia right now. I myself have already decided that instead of buying all versions of Map of the Soul, I'll just buy 1 version and donate.

Flashback Friday

Happy Friday! Every week I check out the charts for this day in the past and share the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, we’re going back to the 2nd week of January, 2015. All the songs have been posted once before, so this time we’ll see some comeback stages.

#3 Noel “Your Voice”

I played this a few times, and it still doesn’t sound familiar to me. They sound good though, as expected from Noel. This was one of the songs off of their “Invisible Things” EP.

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source: MBCkpop 1 2 3 4, ARIRANG K-POP & naver