January 19th, 2020

sana black hair

Everglow Is Releasing Their 1st Mini Album!

They'll come back with their new mini album on February 3rd. Also they changed their logo again.


Loona, Gfriend, and now Everglow is making a comeback in early February!? I’m so excited!!!

The Return of Superman Ep 312

Naeun & Gunhoo

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Naeun and Gunhoo accompany JooHo to get a suit tailored. Naeun looks adorable in her suit! Hayoung and Yeonwoo say goodbye to their mom and then go get some chicken. Bentley in that costume is the cutest. You hear me? BENTLEY THEE CUTEST. I never knew I needed that in my life, but now I want it 24/7. The Hammington family is all about penguins, and they meet the most popular in Korea right now, Pengsoo. They spend some time together playing in the snow. All the Return Of Superman families gather at KBS to attend the 2019 Entertainment Awards. Jam Jam is so sweet to everyone. And Rawon with her curly hair, ah so cute! Lol all the parents when Yeonwoo offers to take Jam Jam for snacks, hahaha. “Men are animals that are born to stand the cold” OMG! Ben and his milk! And the cameraman just laughing lol.

source: KBS WORLD TV 1 2 3 4 5