January 24th, 2020


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Crash Landing On You episode 9 & 10 Discussion Post


Director: Lee Jung-Hyo
Writer: Park Ji-Eun
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: December 14, 2019 - February 16, 2020
Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 21:00

CAST: Hyun Bin (Ri Jung Hyeok), Son Ye Jin (Yoon Se Ri / "Sam Suk"), Kim Jung Hyun (Goo Seung Jun), Seo Ji Hye (Seo Dan), Jeon Gook Hwan, Jung Ae Ri, Yang Kyung Won, Lee Shin Young, Yoo Su Bin, Tang Jun Sang, Nam Kyung Eup, Bang Eun Jin, Choi Dae Hoon, Hwang Woo Seul Hye, Park Hyung Soo, Yoon Ji Min, Go Gyu Pil, Im Chul Soo, Jang Hye Jin, Park Myung Hoon, Hong Woo Jin, Yoon Sang Hoon, Kim Sun Young, Kim Jung Nan, Jang So Yeon, Cha Chung Hwa, Woo Jeong Won, Lim Sung Mi, Oh Man Suk, Kim Young Min, Jeon Jin Woo, Kim Young Pil, Oh Han Kyul

PLOT: Yoon Se-Ri (Son Ye-Jin) is an heiress to a conglomerate in South Korea. One day, while paragliding, an accident caused by strong winds leads Yoon Se-Ri to make an emergency landing in North Korea. There, she meets Ri Jeong-Hyeok (Hyun-Bin), who is a North Korean army officer. He tries to protect her and hide her. Soon, Ri Jeong-Hyeok falls in love with Yoon Se-Ri.

SOURCE: Drama information and image from Asianwiki

You can watch on Netflix | Dramanice

I love these last two episodes! Son Yejin continues to amaze me and can't believe how cute Hyun Bin is! I finally understand Dan and I like the way that they are revealing the back stories of each of the character.

Doctor Romantic 2 episode 5 & 6 Discussion Post

I'm using full episode count instead of half ones

Director: Yu In-Sik
Writer: Kang Eun-Kyung
Network: SBS
Release Date: January 6, 2020
Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 22:00-23:10

CAST: Han Seok Kyu (Teacher Kim / Dr. Boo Yong Joo), Lee Sung Kyung (Cha Eun Jae), Ahn Hyo Seop (Seo Woo Jin), Kim Joo Heon (Park Min Gook), Shin Dong Wook, So Joo Yeon, Yoon Na Moo, Kim Hong Fa, Jin Kyung, Im Won Hee, Byun Woo Min, Kim Min Jae, Ko Sang Ho, Park Hyo Joo, Bae Myung Jin, Choi Jin Ho, Jang Hyuk Jin, Yoon Bora, Kim Bo Jung

PLOT: “Romantic Doctor Kim” is a “real doctor” story set in a small, humble hospital called Dol Dam Hospital. It is a story about people who meet Kim Sa Bu (Han Suk Kyu), a genius doctor, and discover “real romance.”

Kim Sa Bu once gained fame as a top surgeon at a huge hospital. One day, he left the industry, and now he is a chief surgeon at Doldam Hospital in the countryside. After he conducted a successful operation on Chairman Shin, he gets to improve the hospital under reliable support. But then Chairman Shin passes away. New people appear and his students had to leave the hospital. Furthermore, his wrist, which was injured three years ago, starts to act weird. After all, he goes to a huge hospital himself to solve the manpower shortage at Doldam Hospital, where he finds two people who resemble his former students but who seem much more lacking. Seo Woo Jin would do anything for money, and Cha Eun Jae runs out every time she goes into a surgery room. Will Kim Sa Bu be able to run Doldam Hospital with these two?

SOURCE: Drama information and image from MYDRAMALIST

You can watch on VIU | Dramanice

I continue to love the show and very much impressed with the direction that its going. Normally, second seasons don't hit it well with me but this show is different. Han Seok Kyu is of course consistently amazing and Ahn Hyo Seop is soooooo good here!

Seventeen play Seventeen Superlatives

Seventeen the k-pop group swung by Seventeen the magazine and things got confusing...but fun! We split the boys into two groups to play a game of Superlatives. First up is Vernon, Hoshi, Jun, Mingyu, Seungkwan, and Woozi. They revealed SO much about their bandmates, like who's the biggest flirt, who's most likely to embarrass themselves, and so much more. The superlative the group gave to Hoshi will not surprise ANY Seventeen fan.

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source: Seventeen 1 2

Flashback Friday

Every week I check out the charts for this day in the past and post the top three song. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, let’s look back on the 4th week of January, 2009. It’s ladies night tonight! Lovely vocals and strong bops!

#3 Lyn “Love…It’s All Lies”
Every time I see this song pop up, I look at the title and think “…yes. All lies”. But I’m not salty or anything, I swear. Second time posting so here’s her comeback stage. I love her dress (it looks like a good buffet dress), and those bangs are too heavy for me but it still makes me want to cut bangs for myself. That’s going to be my Friday night…giving myself bangs. NOT SALTY AT ALL.

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source: SBS KPOP PLAY, The8800v, Vitu, TV-People, Warner Music Korea & bugs

"Hi Bye, Mama!" Official Teaser

Kim Tae-hee (YONG PAL) makes her highly anticipated comeback in HI BYE, MAMA! where she plays a ghost mom who gets a chance to reunite with her husband and daughter during her 49-day reincarnation journey.

From the director of OH MY GHOSTESS and the writer of GO BACK SPOUSES, HI BYE, MAMA! marks Kim Tae-hee’s return to the small screen after 5 years.

Coming Soon to Netflix & tvN.

source: The Swoon

Would You Rather with SuperM

When you’re in a band as large as seven-piece K-pop behemoth #SuperM, some arguments are bound to come up. So you can imagine the (supremely entertaining) disagreements that arose when we quizzed them for the latest episode of Would You Rather? We subjected Ten, Baekhyun, Lucas, Taemin, Taeyong, Kai, and Mark with some classics (would you rather a SuperM video game or SuperM film, for example) as well as some weird ones, and definitely sparked enough conversation to carry them through to the end of their world tour in February.

source: The FADER