January 26th, 2020

dont fuck with jisoo

Nayeon's stalker leaks Chayoung's phone number, she goes off on Insta, JYPE to take legal action

JYP Entertainment has released a statement regarding TWICE’s Chaeyoung’s phone number getting leaked and spread online.

On January 26, Chaeyoung took to TWICE’s Instagram account and opened up about her phone number being leaked by an individual, leading to her phone being flooded by text messages and calls from strangers. She spoke about this being an issue that her fellow TWICE members and other idols under JYP Entertainment face as well, and stated that her intent was to make sure people knew such invasions of personal privacy was wrong.

JYP Entertainment has now released a statement on the matter, and it reads as follows:
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sources: soompi 1, 2, fans.jype, naver, twicetagram

So what happened is that Nayeon's stalker posted Chaeyoung's phone number on his public Twitter account (so people can message and tell her that he wants to talk to Nayeon). Fans reported the tweet and it got deleted but of course, the damage is done. After JYPE threatened legal action and Chaeyoung's Instagram post he announced that he's sorry and will go back to Germany asap (but also asked Chaeyoung to delete the post because her fans are attacking him...).