February 10th, 2020


The Return of Superman Ep 315

RaRa Sisters

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Rawon sets up a salon in her bedroom. It doesn’t go well for her father lol. William and Ben welcome a new member to the family. Sam has got to learn to put things on a high shelf. When there’s trouble, it’s Ben to the rescue! I swear there was another part of the episode where the Do family gets a cosmetic surgery consultation, but it’s not here. Anyways, Kyungwan loses his voice, so Yeonwoo has to give an interview in his place. We met a new child, Kang Hao, and we hear about what’s been happening with his father for the past 3 years. He’s a very chatty baby! Gary takes care of him alone for the first time.

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Crayon Pop's Geummi announces pregnancy and marriage on Feb 23rd

According to TV Report on February 9, Gummi will hold a private wedding ceremony with a businessman of the same age in Seoul on February 23.

Her husband-to-be runs a business in the United States. They met for a long time and finally decided to tie the knot this month. While preparing for their wedding, they found out she was pregnant, and she is currently on her tenth week of pregnancy.

Gummi personally delivered to her news via her fan cafe.

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GOT7 Rescheduled Tour Dates for Bangkok Shows


After initially cancelling their Bangkok tour dates due to the Corona virus, GOT7 have announced that they have been moved to the 9th & 10th of May.
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Since Bam's birthday is on the 2nd and Ahgase's is on the 9th, I hope they do some kind of combined birthday celebration ;~;

The refund process is so dumb, I hope that enough fans complain so they change it. You can buy the tickets online, but can't get a refund the same way /sigh


Get ready, get set… mark your calendars for 5pm PST on Wednesday, Feb. 12th!

Introducing DIVE Studios’ newest show, “HWAITING” in partnership with Facebook Watch.

Enjoy watching your favorite K-pop stars battle each other in a variety of the weirdest games. Jae, Eric, BM, Jamie, Ashley, Amber, and Peniel join us for the ultimate K-pop crossover you never knew you needed.

“HWAITING” launches THIS Wednesday with new episodes releasing every Wednesday at 5pm PST. Available only on Facebook Watch and DIVE Studios’ Facebook page!

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Red Velvet are Kpop trolls

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⭐️SPICA's Boa & Bohyung are now KEEMBO!⭐️

Boa and Bohyung announced today (a day after SPICA's 8th anniversary!) that they will now be working as an official duo called KEEMBO (킴보)! (they're likely going to be a performer/maybe producer team; they've been performing as a duo at festivals)

follow their official KEEMBO instagram accounts: @keem.bo (KR) @keembo.jp (JP)

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I'm so happy 😭😭😭💜 one step closer to OT5PICA again one day!