February 13th, 2020

Queendom season 2 "Kingdom" & "Road To Kingdom"

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It's interesting. I wonder who they'll get specially for the "Kingdom" version. Like, would established groups be allowed by their agencies to join this? Would they even have the time? Do you think this is a better setup to separate the well-known groups?

"Hi Bye, Mama!" Official Trailer

A ghost mom who has been silently watching her daughter grow up for the past 5 years is reincarnated — for just 49 days. Will she be able to stay on earth and regain her place with her husband and daughter?

HI BYE, MAMA! stars Kim Tae-hee (YONG PAL), Lee Kyoo-hyung (PRISON PLAYBOOK), and Go Bo-gyeol (ARTHDAL CHRONICLES).

Coming to Netflix & tvN February 22

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"Hyena" Official Trailer

Kim Hye-soo (SIGNAL) makes her long-awaited drama return with HYENA, the new series from the director of MY LOVE FROM THE STAR. She rivals Ju Ji-hoon (KINGDOM) as competitive, cutthroat lawyers whose clients are the crème de la crème of society. They’re like hyenas when it comes to money, and will do anything to rise to the top.

Coming to Netflix & SBS February 21

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(G)I-DLE Secret Folder


1. Yuqi The Composer
2. Miyeon The Dance Expert
3. Shuhua The Korean Teacher
4. Amusement Park

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These girls are soooooo fun to watch! And I like how they roast each other and they knooooowww what the fans thinks. Like how fans didn't like Senorita, who's the main vocal, people always comparing Soyeon with CL, line distribution and others.