February 16th, 2020


Hospital Playlist Official Teaser #1

HOSPITAL PLAYLIST centers around the day-to-day stories at a hospital and the 20-year friendship between doctors played by Cho Jung-seok (DON’T DARE TO DREAM, OH MY GHOST), Yoo Yeon-seok (MR. SUNSHINE, REPLY 1994), Chong Kyung-ho (PRISON PLAYBOOK, BEATING AGAIN), Kim Dae-myeong (MISAENG), and award-winning musical actress Jeon Mi-do.

From the director of PRISON PLAYBOOK and the creators of the REPLY series.

Coming Soon on Netflix & tvN.

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Ladies' Code leaves Polaris Entertainment & Ashley's letter to Lavelys

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Didn't expect them to include songs from PERSONA (and how rude of them to exclude my fav Home and Mikrokosmos) but that's still 15 new songs, including the 3 released these past weeks. I'm intrigued by some of these titles tbh. The Lead Single being titled 'ON' brings me back to past eras and I'm here for this. Gimme the album and MV now, it's been a hundred years already...