March 9th, 2020

Taeyeon's father has passed away from a heart attack

Today is Taeyeon's 31st birthday.

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Jay Park slapped by UFC fighter Brian Ortega at UFC event

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For your viewing pleasure: Dance covers from some of Kpop's finest female dancers

Iz*one's Chaeyeon (NB: the video is 3 years old)

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Woozi laughing but not
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Pledis Entertainment CEO Han Sung Soo Steps Down As IZ*ONE’s Producer

On March 9, Pledis Entertainment CEO Han Sung Soo announced on Instagram that he was stepping down from his position as IZ*ONE’s producer. His statement reads:

Hello, this is Pledis Entertainment CEO and IZ*ONE producer Han Sung Soo.
After working as a general producer for the group IZ*ONE since their debut for a total of three albums, I am stepping down from this position as of April 2020. It seems like yesterday that the IZ*ONE members were training together after having just become one team, but already my time with them has come to an end.

While working with them on their three albums, from their debut mini album “COLOR*IZ” to their second mini album “HEART*IZ” and to their first studio album “BLOOM*IZ,” I was able to experience great joy and reward as a producer in seeing IZ*ONE grow. I was also fortunate to share those daily moments in which WIZ*ONE received happiness from IZ*ONE. IZ*ONE has become an amazing group that has lived up to their potential in their three albums, and I hope that WIZ*ONE enjoyed this time as well. Thank you to IZ*ONE and WIZ*ONE for giving me such great memories during this time.

IZ*ONE has become a great team that has expanded all over the world, and WIZ*ONE are the strength that pulled IZ*ONE to where they are today. I have decided to focus more faithfully on fulfilling my role as Pledis Entertainment’s CEO and I will work hard in order to bring out the talent and potential of the teams that are under my care. From afar, I will watch IZ*ONE and WIZ*ONE go to even higher places together with a happy heart, and I will always cheer them on in their pursuit of further growth and a wider sphere.
Thank you.

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What are your thoughts?

Good riddance
He did well with IZ*ONE
Ready for a new direction
Woozi laughing but not
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Fantagio To Change Their Major Shareholder

What happened in 2016/17:
In 2016, Fantagio sold part of its shares to Gold Finance Korea, the Korean branch of JC Group, which is a Chinese real estate and investment company. In 2017, through a paid-in capital increase, JC Group invested more capital in Fantagio and became a major shareholder in the company (owning 50.07 percent of stocks). JC Group then dismissed CEO Na Byung Joon, the founder of Fantagio, which resulted in several actors at Fantagio leaving the agency.

On March 9, Sports Today reported that Fantagio had recently entered the M&A (mergers and acquisitions) market and was positively reviewing an offer from a Korean investor to take over the company.

According to Sports Today’s report, about 30 percent of JC Group’s shares in Fantagio are up for sale. If a new investor acquires these shares, then they will become Fantagio’s greatest shareholder. Sports Today speculated that financial difficulties might be behind the sale. JC Group’s Wei Jie, once the CEO of Fantagio, has been arrested for various controversies in China and the company is reportedly on the verge of bankruptcy.

A source from Fantagio told, “We are selling about 30 percent of the shares that were owned by JC Group. It is only that our major shareholder is changing. Until now, the agency has been operating on its own capital, independent of JC Group and managed by a professional executive. Therefore, the agency will continue to operate stably regardless of issues related to major shareholder changes. We have not experienced any problems operating on our own capital.”

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That whole hostile takeover, just for them to have to sell majority of their shares 3 years later. I'm just hoping this won't affect Astro and Weki Meki too much.

The Return of Superman Ep 319

Jam Jam

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Jam Jam is still in Singapore and helps her father surprise her mother. The family also goes down a luge, although not fast enough for Jam Jam. We meet up with the RaRa sisters again! Raim is getting so big, and she’s starting to talk now. Rawon spends the morning taking care of her sister, before meeting up with Yeeun, 90s idol Kim Wonjun’s daughter. 90s idol Wonjun could get it lol. Anywho, Rawon and Yeeun learn more about their fathers’ idol pasts. Hayoung is up early and spends her morning making a mess and eating nutella lol. Then the family goes to surprise their mother, and it’s the kids’ first time watching their mom perform. The Hammingtons learn how to make doenjang. When the boys don’t want to wash up in the morning, Sam comes up with a plan.

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The making of a Joseon zombie apocalypse: Kingdom Season 2 Featurette

We’re just days away from the long-awaited second season of Netflix Original Series KINGDOM. Discover more about the significance of blood in the story, the coordination needed for a massive period zombie battle, and what we should look out for in Season 2 as told by stars Ju Ji-hoon, Ryu Seung-ryong, Bae Doona, and Kim Sung-kyu 🧟

Coming to Netflix March 13.

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Goo Hara's mother, who abandoned her as a child, is trying to claim her inheritance

The bereaved families of the late Goo Hara have entered a legal dispute over her inheritance. Goo Hara’s brother has filed a legal suit against his biological mother regarding the division of the inheritance.

Goo Hara’s biological mother has also appointed her own legal representative. She claims that as Goo Hara’s mother, she should receive 50% of the inheritance split. However, Goo Hara’s biological father has come out to flat out deny such an absurd request. He has also given his 50% share to Goo Hara’s brother.

"We cannot accept the mother’s request. The mother abandoned her young children and left the house. What rights does she have to receive any of Hara’s assets? I have traveled all over the country to try and cover the expenses needed to raise children. Up until now, Hara and her brother have spent their schooling days without their mother. Grandmother and her brother took care of Hara." (Goo Hara’s father)

Due to the transfer of the inheritance, Goo Hara’s assets would be split 50/50, between Hara’s mother and her brother. However, her brother has also raised an objection.

"Hara was only 9 years old when our mother ran away from home. She spent her life fighting the trauma of being abandoned. Our father paid for Hara [and my] living expenses, After she debuted, our father acted as her guardian." (Goo Hara’s brother)
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