March 22nd, 2020


Police uncover illegal molka chatroom ran by a doctor exploiting underage women (TW)

The Seoul Regional Police Agency Cyber Safety Division has arrested a man in his 20s with a Phd, Dr. Cho Moo Gae and 13 others for allegedly exploiting at least 74 underage women, filming sex videos of them and sharing them on "N bang", a paid chatroom on messaging app Telegram from December 2018 through March this year.

Cho and his accomplices are being charged with seven charges including child pornography, forced assault, intimidation, coercion, fraud, provision of personal information and alleged violations on the Act on Special Cases of Sexual Violence (hidden camera filming etc.). Police were able to identify Cho through dozens of seizure searches and CCI analysis over the past 6 months, international coordinated investigations and crypto-currency tracking they used to evade police.
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sources: dailynaver,

Asianjunkie also posted about this with slightly more information. There are currently two petitions going around, one to reveal the suspects identity and another one to reveal the names of the users in the chat rooms.

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